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Nespresso Citiz with Milk

I can't say enough good things about this espresso maker! I've had it for 2 weeks now, and I use the machine at least 4 times a day. The machine is so simple to use and clean up is as easy as can be. Once you pop in the capsule, you just press whether you want an espresso shot or a lungo shot, and in about 30 seconds, out comes the perfect shot of espresso!

The milk frothier makes such good froth and it only takes about a minute for the milk to be ready. You just pour the two together into a cup, and you have the perfect espresso, cappuccino, or latte. You can even make the milk a cold froth as well, so you can enjoy a cold or a hot drink.

As for clean up, you just empty out the container with used caps, which hold about 10 caps before you have to empty it. There is also a tray at the bottom that catches any drips, so once in a while, you have to wash that out as well, too. The milk frothier, you just wash out (but it’s not dishwasher safe.)

The only bad thing is that apparently, the machine prefers a special kind of milk. I used Horizon organic milk 2% and the froth and milk was perfect. However, when I used Horizon organic whole milk, the froth was just bubbles. When I called customer service, they told me that the machine was fine, but that 2% milk is preferable, and the brand Parmalat was the best.

- Easy to use
- Easy to clean

- You have to use a specific milk and percentage
- You can only buy capsules at Nespresso

5 out of 5

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Aug 03, 2011
About to buy one
by: Trent

I spent a while in the Nespresso Concept store in a large department store here in Toronto Cananda. The staff were amazing, I had done some research before I went in but they were so helpful and friendly. The quality of the machines is amazing, perhaps a little pricey but I think for the coffee lover it's well worth it. I was initially put off by the Coffee Capsule Idea, but they have a bar and will make you a coffee according to your preference and then you can also see how easy the machine is to use. I am looking at the Citiz with the Milk option... and I was delighted to find out you can buy the Milk frother component seperately! So you can buy the standard Citiz and the Milk Frother seperate if you were cautious of space and didnt want the Citiz Milk Option. They also cautioned on me on what Milk is best to use for best results. I'll be buying mine for a xmas gift.

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