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Nespresso Citiz & Milk C120 Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Citiz & Milk is great for somebody who wants to make consistently good espressos/lattes/mochas, without the hassle required with a traditional espresso machine. Pretty much all you do is pop in the capsule and hit the button, and tasty espresso comes out.

The attached milk unit is also the definition of simplicity. No more guessing about temperature or foam amount. Just pour in the milk and press the button. Cleanup is a cinch. Just rinse the milk unit and run water through with no capsule after your last coffee of the day.

- Convenient & easy
- uses capsules so no grinding or tamping
- Consistently tasty.
- The espresso always comes out with a nice flavor, aroma, and crema with no skill needed.

- Cost of capsules
- $.50 and up per capsule
- not too expensive but considerably more than buying beans by the pound
- Can only use the proprietary capsules, so you're locked into the available Nespresso varieties. You can't, say, try out the new roast from your local cafe.

Rating: 5 our of 5

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