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Nespresso C101 Essenza Black Espresso Maker

Programmable Coffee Quantity Aeroccino Automatic

Programmable Coffee Quantity Aeroccino Automatic

The Nespresso Essenza C101 with Aeroccino Automatic and Programmable Coffee Quantity, Espresso and Lungo, Black Espresso Maker has many features that are really useful for many espresso and coffee-lovers. This unit is automatic and has many programmable features that could give the user an efficient means to make espresso and cappuccino.

Interior Features
  • The unit's high level pressure system involves a 19-bar system that allows for the extraction of just the right flavor and aroma directly from the ground or pods. This system helps you maximize each pod up to the last drop.
  • As for the settings, the unit has a 40-ml capacity for the espresso and a 110-ml capacity for the lungo. The unit also includes a 75-ml capacity for milk froth. With its frothing features, you can serve just the right amount of cappuccino and espresso that's perfect for a small household.
  • The aeroccino milk frothing system facilitates the making of the perfect milk froth. This allows you to make that perfect cup of cappuccino in just seconds.
  • A special heating system ensures that the ideal temperature is maintained. This is so your cup of coffee remains hot even for an hour or two.

    Exterior Features

  • The automatic and programmable features of this machine is automatic and programmable, this means consumers have efficient time using this equipment.
  • The water tank of the unit is 0.9 liter and can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • This espresso and lungo maker comes in the classic black color. Aside form the color, the unit comes in an excellent design. The design is really elegant.
  • The machine has backlit on/off and coffee volume buttons that help consumers manage and use this machine efficiently.
  • The espreeeo maker is compact. Eventhough your kitchen and countertop is small, you can still wlecome this machine because of its very small size.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 11.5 x 10 x 10 inches


    Known for its highly compact built, this machine is perfect even if you don't have a large kitchen countertop. Due to its small size, this coffeemaker is perfect for those looking for a handy yet efficient coffeemaker. Since the water tank can be easily removed, filling it up and cleaning it become hassle-free. This is the perfect appliance if you're looking for a low-maintenance coffeemaker. Its programmable features makes lungo and espresso-making easy. The automatic features make this a highly reliable appliance despite its small size. With the unit's heating system, you can be assured that your coffee will retains its warmth even after several hours of brewing it. Reheating your cup every now and then becomes unneccessary. A total of 14 used capsules can be accommodated by this machine. The capsules can also be inserted easily on the machine. Even if you are a newbie, you won't have difficulty in using this one. The button for the coffee volume is also easy to locate and adjust. Aside from that, the design of this item makes the control panel easy to manage. The machine is quite affordable when compared to other models or units with similar features.


    The machine lacks a timer. The timer is an important feature because it eliminates the need to monitor the brewing process all the time. Options for color is limited. Not an ideal coffeemaker for a huge household because of its small size and limited capacity.


  • produces excellent froth
  • the design is excellent
  • not so expensive compared to other units
  • space-saver
  • high level of pressure
  • backlit on/off controls


  • no options for the design
  • not really the ideal machine for a large household
  • no timer
  • only available in black

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