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Nescafe Spectra 2600(A)

by Manikandan



I like this coffee maker since it gives all facility of drinking coffee or tea as we wish in half or full quantity as we wish,intially the light indicator will glow which one is available for us, the procedure is simple as we have to pour water and there will be two intake when we open the door one is for coffee and other is for tea, we can pour coffee powder or tea powder as we wish, we can identify whether coffee or tea is available through light indicator, if we wish there is also provision for getting hot water by just pressing the button provided for it and the interesting thing here is it will full the cup for each press of the button we can use it for birthday occasions and if suddenly neighbors come to our home .

we can get hot thick coffee or tea as we wish ,there is a provision for filtering out the waste and the consumption of current for this is less as when compared to other house hold property and cleaning is easy and Many features are available for this and automatic buzzer can also be set and also additional a display is also available for each action you perform with the coffee maker and there is also sound indicator when you press a dispense button and till the operation completes and finally it is useful and durable since it was in use five years and still running and it will do.

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