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NASCAR NSG 10 Cup Switch Coffee maker

by Susan


Switch Coffeemaker

We purchased our Sunbeam ten cup coffee maker from Walmart department store, quite a few years ago. We make delicious coffee every morning before work and it has held up for quite a few years! We initially bought Sunbeam because it was a brand we knew of and it was not very expensive. We thought that since it was not very expensive, it would not last long and we would have to buy another coffee maker in due time, but we have had this one since before my daughter was born, 4 years ago.

Since we have purchased this coffee maker, we have gotten every penny's worth from our purchase. I have used other expensive coffee makers at restaurants where I used to work and at friends' houses, and mine is the easiest, and best to use. I have used the fancy cappuccino machines and one cup machines all they do is cause problems. You never get a consistent cup of coffee.

My Sunbeam coffee maker brews a consistent pot of coffee every time, and it works great. I always brew a fresh pot of coffee when friends and family come over, and it has never failed me. I simply use a warm wash cloth to clean it, and it cleans up easily. About twice a year, I run a solution of hot water and vinegar through it to really clean it out, and it works great!

I just use about 5 cups of water and one half cup of regular cidar vinegar and brew it right through like I would a pot of coffee. I put the pot in my dish washer about once a week and it cleans well. All you really have to do is wipe the actual coffee maker down with a cloth and it will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a coffee maker to purchase this Sunbeam ten cup coffee maker.

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Dec 16, 2008
Inexpensive 10 cups
by: Brandyn Abrams

This coffee maker is not for people who need a fancy high priced maker, it is for the cheap individual who is just looking for something that is simple to make coffee or even just hot water. There are no fancy parts or even a clock on the maker, there are no self starters or alarm clocks on this coffee maker it is your typical low end piece of equipment, it has a on button and an off button and that is it.

It is very simple to use and also very easy to store as it is very small and light weight. It is just a typical looking coffee maker so it will not stand out for good or bad. It is very low in price making it worth while and holds 10 cups which is more than enough for most people, especially if it is just an at home coffee maker.

The maker has had no problems as of now and seems to work great. It was inexpensive but seems to be a great buy for something so small, easy, and reliable to make coffee or get steaming hot water for tea or hot chocolate.

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