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Mr.Coffee DRX20 12 cup white programmable

The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Programmable, White - DRX20 is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker that will have your coffee ready for you in the morning. It comes in a sleek and stylish design with a white finish.

Key features

- The Brewing Pause n’ Serve feature allows you to have a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still in the middle of the brewing cycle.
- The removable filter is easy to lift and rinse.
- The water level is handy for knowing how much water is needed in the reservoir.
- The stain-resistant warming plate keeps the pot of coffee warm for up to three hours and is easy to clean.
- You can use the Delay Brew feature as your wake-up call in the morning. Simply program the machine to start up in the morning so that you can wake up to the fresh smell of fresh coffee the next day.


This coffee maker comes with a number of handy features that make it perfect for coffee drinkers on the go. The Pause n’ Serve is perfect for those who cannot wait for the brewing cycle to finish. The Delay Brew feature makes waking up to the aroma of coffee possible.

The timer is very reliable and the filter is easy to remove and clean. The auto-pause feature prevents spills when you remove the carafe from the coffee maker. There is no leaking anywhere in the coffee maker, and the clock is also a handy feature especially if you want a coffee maker in the office.

The water level indicator is also very handy because it lets you know how much water is needed to be placed in the reservoir. It also delivers piping hot coffee and keeps the coffee warm for hours.


Those who are in a hurry may notice dribbling and spills when they pour too quickly. The display is not backlit and the clock tends to lose a few minutes per day in some units. It is often difficult to see the clock without the backlight. The steam tends to warm the top lid of the coffeemaker after several uses, and this can cause more steam to escape and lead to an inadequate pot of coffee.

- Simple design with useful features
- Pause n’ Serve feature is perfect for those in a hurry in the morning
- The Delay Brew Feature is perfect if you like to program when you want the machine to start making coffee
- Reliable timer
- Auto-pause feature prevents spilling coffee on to the warmer plate when you remove the carafe from the pot

- No backlight which makes reading the clock difficult at times
- Hot steam can warp the lid and distort it, allowing more steam to escape
- The carafe needs to be tipped over just right to prevent spills
- The clock tends to lose a few minutes per day in some units, so it is important to check the accuracy of the clock from time to time

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Apr 14, 2010
no complaints
by: Chris Aldridge

I have a Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffee maker, model DRX20. Each night before I go to sleep, I set the delay brew, this way when I get up in the morning a fresh pot of coffee awaits me. The maker has two water windows, so I am able to accurately measure 8 cups.

Usually I am in a hurry and I spill the coffee everywhere, sometimes in lands right on the warning plate. but i never have to worry, its very easy clean up, because its stain free resistant. I pour myself a travel mug before I head out the door. After being up and having my first cup, I don't have to worry about my coffee being cold, because the maker keeps the coffee warm for more than two hours, and I don't have to remind myself to shut it off manually.

The maker has a two hour warming period before it auto shuts off. On the weekends I usually don't use the delay brew. I usually wake up in morning and set it manually just so I inhale the aroma of the coffee freshly brewing. If I am in a hurry to pour a cup, all I have to do is remove the pot and pour due to the brewing pause and serve feature. If I don't remember to shut off, the maker has an on/off indicator light to let me know I have left it on. By Saturday afternoon it is usually time for me to clean it after a week of use. Very easy cleaning system I must say.

The filter basket is removable and lifts out, makes cleaning it fast and easy for me. I also use the Mr. Coffee coffee maker cleaner instead of vinegar, because it cleans better and I don't have a nasty odor fumigating my kitchen. When my counters and the maker are cleaned I keep the cord in the cord storage.

This coffeepot has many features that I have adjusted well too, and I couldn't ask for better quality. I purchased this coffeemaker at Walmart, for less than $40.00, and I couldn't imagine purchasing another one any time soon.

Apr 19, 2009
Don't buy this coffee maker
by: Lisa

Well, I bought this coffee pot about 3 years ago and used it for a year. It was awesome for the first few months but after that things started to go wrong.

It would constantly back up and I would have to clean it out with vinegar every other week or so (which really smells up the house if you haven't done it) and it started to excessively boil the water.

This boiling made it so that every 12 cups I put in, I would get about 6-8 cups of coffee.

The machine would give of so much steam the cabinets it was under warped.

Needless to say,I quickly got rid of it and I would not recommend anyone buy this coffee pot at all.

Apr 09, 2009
Programmable timer
by: Kathy

Mr. Coffee DRX20 has a glass carafe that is lightweight and replaceable with most generic carafes as well as the one that you can re-order from Mr. Coffee. It takes regular coffee filters, as well, instead of the cone filters, so you can pick them up at many mass merchandisers in bulk.

This coffee maker comes with several special features, for a very reasonable price. This Mr. Coffee has a warming tray underneath that keeps the brewed coffee hot for two more hours, even after it has finished brewing. This is particularly handy for just a few people at home or on the job in the break room or office. A pot this size will keep three or four people happy, with a second cup that is still piping hot in just one pot's effort.

The matte metal type plate simply wipes clean with a sponge. The outer body of the coffee maker also wipes clean with a damp sponge and it is available in either white or black (DRX23). I like the white one, I think it looks so fresh with steaming coffee that has just brewed sitting in it.

Another feature of the coffee maker is the programmable timer. Your coffee will start brewing when you set it to. On this coffee maker also is a pause and serve feature. This means you can have a cup of coffee while the brewing is in progress. What happens is the pot automatically stop releasing coffee into the server when you lift the carafe and does not resume brewing until you place it back on the warming tray that it rests on during the brewing process. There is no problem with this, this feature stays in order through the life of the coffee maker. I have had two of these, and I was very pleased with this.

The water well of the coffee maker has a window so you can visibly see the amount of water in the maker. This helps you if you ever leave the water out, or want to brew a smaller batch of coffee, occasionally. There is also a chamber on the body of the maker that you can store you cord out of the way. There is an indicator light so you will know if you have left your coffee maker on, like if you are looking from across the room or if you forget to start the brew you will know that it isn't on yet. The coffee maker retails for around $30.

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