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Mr. Coffee X013TI

by Caroline Millen
(Vestal, NY)

I have lived in my apartment a little over one year now. I moved into it with a friend, who had already lived her a year longer than myself. The coffee maker was hers, but I assume that she bought it from Target or Wal-Mart because those are really the only two places close to where we live.

I like it a lot because I don't drink a lot of coffee. It's a small coffee maker, that makes 4 cups. It's perfect for when I only want about 2 mugs full, or when I'm entertaining someone. It only takes about five minutes at the most to brew. I am really surprised that it has lasted this long. I have had coffee makers in the past that have only lasted a few months. This one has lasted at least one year, probably closer to two years.

I also like this one because the coffee is brewed to just the right temperature. I like to be able to enjoy it right away and not have to wait for it to cool off. Coffee houses aren't my favorite because I'm usually running around and don't have time to wait for the coffee to cool down to a temperature that won't burn my tongue off! It also washes really well.

We usually just put the pot itself and the filter holder into the dishwasher. The pot is still clean. Previous coffee maker pots have stained yellow and even broken really easily. I am very satisfied with this coffee maker. When it decides to stop working, I will probably upgrade to one that holds more coffee just in case I'm entertaining more than myself and another person.

I would also love to have a coffee maker that had an alarm on it. I would love to set it to already brew the coffee before I wake up so that I can just relax for a few minutes and enjoy the coffee before I have to start getting ready for the day. But until this one breaks, I am satisfied!

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