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Mr. Coffee VBX23 12 cup coffeemaker

The VBX23 is a 12-cup coffee maker that comes in a stylish black finish and programmable features, removable filter basket and auto-shut off dual water windows.

Key Features

- The Brewing Pause n’ Serve feature is perfect for those who are always in a hurry to get their coffee in the morning and run. The machine goes into pause when you remove the carafe from the machine and resumes brewing when you place the machine back.
- The removable filter lifts up easily for easy cleaning and filling.
- Two-hour auto shut off keeps your pot of coffee warm for you.
- The warming plate is easy to clean and is stain-resistant.


This machine makes a good hot cup of coffee without the burnt taste that is common in less expensive coffee makers. The temperature is not too hot and can be set to brew hours in advance. There’s a two-hour auto shut off that warms up the coffee before it automatically turns off.

The coffee maker’s removable parts are easy to clean, although there are other parts like the pivoting arm that are not. Also, the water that condenses on the inner portion of the lid funnels neatly back into the reservoir and doesn’t spill.


This machine comes with a few design flaws, among them the lid for the water chamber and the two holes at the back meant to prevent overfilling the water chamber. First, one has to open the lid all the way, when in the past same models only had the lid covering the water chamber and not the entire machine.

This means that you have to open the lid on the edge of the counter, because it may be too high if you open it under the kitchen cabinets. The two holes at the back drip water onto the counter when you overfill the reservoir.

The carafe also tends to drip all over the cup and the counter. Another design flaw is the movable water arm over the filter basket which you have to move aside every time you have to remove or replace the filter. This arm also tends to be the first one to break down after several months of use.

The coffee pot dribbles all the time which is a reason why you should have a table napkin handy to wipe spills off the counter. The sneak-a-cup feature is also a hassle for most users.

- Makes a good cup of coffee without the burnt taste
- Temperature is ok, not too hot unlike other coffee maker brands
- Removable parts are easy to clean
- Water that condenses on the inner surface of the lid flows back to the reservoir without splashing onto the counter

- Design flaws abound like the lid for the water chamber and the two holes at the back that are meant to prevent overfilling of the water chamber. When the chamber is overfilled, water flows out and drips into the counter
- Carafe drips all over the cup and the counter
- Pivoting arm over the filter needs to be pulled aside when filling or cleaning the filter
- Sneak-a-cup feature is hard to master and often ends up being a hassle

Comments for Mr. Coffee VBX23 12 cup coffeemaker

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Apr 14, 2010
Makes a big mess!
by: Beth Ann

I purchased this unit because it was pleasing to the eye. Upon opening it, I loved it! Now, I dread making Coffee in the morning. The decanter spills every time you attempt to pour water into the machine or pour your coffee. It is very unbearable to open the entire machine every morning to brew. Clean up is relatively easy because of the huge top opening.

The delay brew is very convenient, if you remember to set the unit up the night before. Brewing: Be sure if you want 6 cups of coffee you fill the machine up to 8 cups, for some reason evaporation is incredible in this unit, if you want to start a mini rainstorm in your Kitchen, this is the Coffee Maker to buy!

I am trying to find good things to say but it is hard, The coffee tastes Great! I contacted Mr. Coffee and told them about the spillage problem to no avail. They suggested that I pour slower. Well thanks! Maybe I should use a straw and drink straight from the Coffee Pot, no spills at all viola, Problem solved!

Seriously, if you want to keep your Kitchen Clean and avoid a lot of spills and headaches, put out an extra $50.00 dollars for a better unit, The price was right on this one, but I would love to get some of my time back cleaning up the impossible messes that this one causes. I know have a hankering for a cup of WaWa Spill Free straight from the store Coffee. Be Back Soon!

Feb 16, 2010
pro or con?
by: Anonymous

I like the unit except for the fact that you can not pour a cup with out making a mess from spillage

Apr 21, 2009
spill solution
by: Anonymous

I have the same coffee maker and I had the same disappointment until I discovered that if you open the lid of the decanter a little when you are pouring, the water or coffee it won't spill.

Nov 10, 2008
I agree
by: Anonymous

My sister gave this coffee maker to me after my Braun died. I immediately noticed the HIGH temp. NOT GOOD, if your A.M. brew sits on that hot plate for awhile. I usually put coffee in a thermal carafe after brewing.

Nov 07, 2008
by: Anonymous

Overall a decent coffee maker. Easy to clean, easy to use. I'm not a morning person, so I really like the programmable brewing feature. I can set it when I'm actually awake and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee when I crawl out of bed. The two hour automatic shut off is a very nice feature for those of us who may not always think to check it on the way out. My only complaint: The heater is set high. So coffee can often burn after a fairly short time (45 minutes). Other machines I've owned kept a lower heating temp, but it kept the coffee from burning as badly.

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