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Mr. Coffee VBX20 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The VBX20 12-cup coffee maker is a stylish coffee brewing machine that comes in classic white and is packed with useful features like the Brewing Pause 'n Serve and the removable filter.

Key features

- The Brewing Pause 'n Serve feature lets you enjoy a good cup of coffee even if the machine has not finished brewing. It automatically goes into pause when the carafe is removed from the coffee maker and resumes brewing when the carafe is replaced.
- The removable filter basket easily lifts up for easy filling and cleaning.
- Dual water windows are useful for getting an accurate measurement of the remaining amount of water present in the reservoir and how much water is needed to be filled in.
- The stain-resistant warming plate is useful for keeping pots of coffee warm and is very easy to clean.
- The 2-hour auto shut off keeps the pot of coffee warm for two hours before it automatically shuts off.
- The on/off indicators tell you if the machine is on or off from afar.
- Cord storage keeps countertops neat and tidy with the storage option for excess electrical cords.
- Water filtration system removes up to 97% of chlorine in the water for great-tasting coffee.


Mr. Coffee's VBX20 is very easy to operate and comes in a sleek and stylish design. It makes a good cup of coffee and can easily be tucked away in a corner or the cabinet. The classic white finish is perfect for any kind of kitchen.

Cleanup is easy, and with the stain-resistant warming plate, users do not have to worry about persistent coffee stains spoiling the white finish. The pot is ok, not prone to spills and drips like other coffee maker carafes.


One of the main complaints about VBX20 is that the clock does not have its own battery, which results in losing minutes every day. The automatic timer does not coincide with regular time. Having to restart the clock tends to be a hassle when this happens very often. The clock is not lighted so users can only get a good reading if they are near the coffee maker.

- coffee maker is easy to operate and comes with a stylish design
- makes good-tasting coffee
- unit is pretty cheap for a machine of its size
- can easily be tucked away in a corner
- classic white finish has a clean and sleek look
- stain-resistant warming plate means that there is no problem with persistent coffee stains ruining the whole finish of the coffee maker
- pot is not prone to drips and spills

- coffee maker clock does not have its own battery and tends to get behind when the power is cut off (This means you have to reset the clock every time you want to use the delay brew feature.)
- clock is not lighted and difficult to read when far away from the coffee maker

Comments for Mr. Coffee VBX20 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Dec 20, 2010
I like this coffee maker
by: Anonymous

- easy to use
- it has a timer

- easily gets dirty
- water goes out of the holes at the back

One of the good thing is you can just take the pot out and serve a cup of coffee if you want to get a cup before it finishes brewing and it doesn't drip while the pot if off so that's a good thing. Another pro is that is has a timer. The cons about the coffee maker is it gets so dirty after two uses. I don't know but i have to clean it real well after the use. Another con is you have to watch the water when you pour it because in the back on the coffee maker it has two holes. I guess for ventalation but sometimes the water goes out of the holes and you have to cover it up with your fingers. But all of that is just minor. I wanted an expensive one but I dont know I didn't buy it. I just wanted a coffee maker because our just bit the dust. I wanted white because all of my other ones were white. They had one other color but they had a white one so i got that one.

All i can say is I like that coffee maker so much. I guess i can change if it breaks down but so far I like it and if i do get a new one I want it to be the same brand and I really stand by it and woulld get the white again so there is my review of my coffee maker : )

Aug 20, 2010
by: Need a caffeine fix

Why do these people *neglect* to state the dang height?

Am I the only one who needs this to fit under a kitchen cabinet?

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