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Mr. Coffee VB Series

by Laura
(Mundelein, IL)

Waste of money. This machine, and other Mr. Coffee's I have owned, all do the same thing. After about a year of use, suddenly when I put in water for 5 cups, I only get 4. Where's the rest of my coffee??? Well it's still sitting in a pool of water in the basket. Sometimes the filter has folded in on itself and grounds are coming through?tasty. Other times, the coffee just isn't coming down into the pot. Why I ask myself? I have no idea. Nor do I care to ever find out. In addition, the "ON" button chooses to go "ON" whenever it feels like it. I can set it up on a timer, but the "ON" button will decide when it wants to go off, which is usually about 5 minutes after I walk away from the machine. Even if I don't program it but just don't want it to start until I'm just about to leave, it will decide to make my coffee right then and there, without me pushing the "ON" button. I've had enough and I'm moving on to another brand.

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