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Mr. Coffee UNX23

by Curt

I bought the Mr. Coffee UNX23 coffee maker in June of 2002. Throughout the past 7 years, this machine has dependably served me thousands and thousands of cups of coffee. I originally purchased the UNX23 coffee maker from a Walmart store for approximately $35. I was very attracted to the low price, and I figured that the Mr. Coffee brand was a fairly reputable manufacturer.

There were two other important factors that convinced me to purchase this coffee maker. The first was feature was that the Mr. Coffee UNX23 has a reusable basket in which to place the coffee grounds. This was important to me in the sense that it eliminated the need to purchase and deal with messy paper coffee filters. Rather than spending money on coffee filters, I can simply dump the grounds out and rinse the basket.

The other thing that made the Mr. Coffee machine stand out was its feature that allowed you to remove the carafe while the coffee was brewing. If, for example, you were to brew 6 cups of coffee, you can remove the carafe after the first cup is brewed and pour it into your coffee mug.

The machine stops any coffee from being released onto the burner until the carafe is placed back under the brew spout. Throughout the past 7 years, both the coffee basket and the carafe have remained in great condition.

Even after leaving coffee sitting in the carafe for long periods of time, it has remained virtually stain free.

My only complaint is that over the past few years, the coffee maker has developed a small leak somewhere inside of the plastic housing. This has caused water to slowly leak onto the metal base at the bottom of the machine, which has begun to rust out. Although this doesn't impact the quality or the safety of the coffee, it definitely means that the machine must be replaced soon.

Overall, however, the Mr. Coffee has provided me with years of quality and dependable service. I have been very impressed with it, especially given the relatively inexpensive sticker price. I never imagined that it would last as long as it has. As far as the design, the UNX23 is very sleek and attractive, and functions in a very easy to use manner.

The entire process is very user friendly; many of my friends have brewed coffee on this machine without being told how it works. I would recommend the Mr. Coffee UNX23 to anybody who wants a great, dependable, and utilitarian coffee maker without spending too much money.

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Feb 06, 2013
Model INX23
by: KEN

I have had several Mr Coffee's and I was always happy with their proformance and they lasted longer than the brands I purchased in the past.
Model INX23 is the worst Mr. Coffee I have ever purchased. From the beginning the carafe is so poorly made that you can not pour a cup of coffee without spilling some. I don't usually throw a coffee maker away until it quites working. This one still works but the on button gets stuck, the burner is completely rusted. When you remove the carafe it always leaks on the burner. Should I buy a new Mr. Coffee or another brand?

Nov 29, 2010
O stars
by: Angela

I have the Mr.Coffee UNX23 It did not make the hottest cup of coffee but oh well, then it started to leak I thought maybe I was filling it over the limit then I noticed big black chunks. I turned it over the whole bottom was rusted out wires showing. I could not believe what I saw, it did explian the burnt smoke smell I would smell after my husband would leave and i got up. I called Mr C about it and there lack of concern was very WRONG they could have cared less. Now I have a new Black & Decker its wonderful. So the CSR I spoke with KISS MY ^%#. call made 11-29-10 around 6:15 I hate I did not get the losers name

Nov 20, 2010
Pause and Serve feature
by: Earle

I have owned the UNX23 for about two years; it has served me faithfully and I have come to regard it as a morning friend. Unfortunately the Pause and Serve feature has stopped working in the last month. Every other thing about it is still 5 by 5, thus I hate to give it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army but I really did enjoy having a quick cuppa while the rest of the pot brewed out. If anyone knows what can be done or replaced to regain this treasured feature, please email me at RECardinal@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Apr 10, 2010
Burner is rusting too on my DRX20
by: Renee

I've owned several Mr. Coffee machines & this is the 1st one that I noticed the paint peeling on the burner after about a year/year & a half. I also noticed it was rusting beneath the paint. Wasn't a big deal since the coffee maker still worked great. It's been another year/yr & a half (about 2-3yrs total I've owned it) & the paint is almost gone & underneath is all rusted. I still try to clean it (with no luck), but it seems like I'm making it worse by doing so. The machine still works great, but I figure 1 day I'll need to replace it. It must have some kind of internal leak I'm not aware of. Thankfully it has an automatic shut-off so I don't burn down the house. Overall, still a great machine - just disappointed in the brand. My model is DRX20. Will look carefully at the next coffee maker I buy that the burner is not painted. I think then, I would have noticed rusting immediately before the store return policy was up.

Sep 29, 2009
Model UNX23
by: Anonymous

I have the same coffee maker. It is a very dependable coffee maker. No complaints. I need to replace the carafe and I'm having trouble locating one.

Aug 28, 2009
rusted coffee maker
by: Anonymous

I have the same coffee maker and it is rusted out on the bottom.

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