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Mr Coffee TM75 3 quarts Fast Brew Ice Tea Maker

White Iced Tea Makers 3 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

White Iced Tea Makers 3 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

The need for everything these days to be fresh and natural is of utmost importance. The Sunbeam Mr. Coffee TM75 is the answer for people who want their drinks to be refreshing and natural, saving them from those manufactured carbonated drinks that only cause a variety of health problems from acid reflux to even obesity. Save yourselves from lousy-flavored drinks filled with preservatives and empty calories with the Sunbeam Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker.

Interior Features
  • The brew basket where you can put either loose tea leaves or tea bags is detachable from the gadget. This makes it easy to use and clean after being used.
  • The attached pitcher has a volume of 3 quarts, which is definitely a lot of iced tea to be enjoyed by anyone.

    Exterior Features

  • The main chamber is equipped with a transparent water window, where you can view the level of water inside it.
  • The classic white look of the main machine and the transparent pitcher with blue cover and handle makes for a clean, sleek-looking iced tea maker. The pitcher also has protruding measurements on its side, making the user know how much iced tea is left.
  • The push button located at the bottom portion of the main chamber can be pushed easily, and viols, iced tea will be made! Meanwhile, the tea steeping lever located at the side of the main gadget can be adjusted to suit any iced tea drinker's preference - whether they'd want strong or mild iced tea. There's also the On/Off indicator makes it easy for the user to see if the machine is still brewing or not, even from afar.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 15.1 x 10.3 x 7.7 inches
    Weight: six pounds
    Capacity of pitcher: 3 quarts


    Iced tea making from natural ingredients has never been easier - all the user needs to do is put water in the water tower, loose tea leaves or tea bags in the steeping basket and ice on the attached pitcher, and viola, natural iced tea in minutes. Iced tea brewing lasts only for ten minutes, so uniformly delicious iced tea is available in such a short time. The gadget is easy to operate with simple levers and buttons. Convenience in maintenance and cleaning is guaranteed with detachable parts. An automatic off function saves electricity as the unit shuts off automatically when not in use. Strength and flavor of iced tea can be controlled with the steeping lever. With 3 quarts of iced tea in every batch, there would be less need to use it so many times. This crafty machine may also be used to brew coffee as well.


    The pitcher is known to crack only after months of usage. The pitcher is rather designed wide rather than tall, making it bulky to hold.


  • easy to use
  • makes making of iced tea convenient
  • easy to clean
  • large capacity
  • ten-minute brewing process
  • detachable and durable parts
  • 3 quart capacity


  • impractical product
  • bulky-looking pitcher
  • pitcher tends to crack after months of use

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