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Mr Coffee TM75 3 Quart Iced Tea Maker

White Iced Tea Makers 2 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

White Iced Tea Makers 2 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

The Sunbeam Mr. Coffee TM1 Iced Tea Maker is sure to make your summer days more refreshing. This iced tea maker takes the hassle away from making iced tea from scratch as it is capable of brewing both loose and bagged tea. This model has a capacity of 2 quarts, so there's a lot of iced tea for everyone to enjoy.

Interior Features
  • The steeping basket, where either loose tea leaves or tags are placed, is removable. This allows for it to be cleaned easily.
  • The brew sprout is spacious, allowing for lots of ice to be placed, ensuring a refreshing end product - refreshing iced tea. The two quart capacity of the attached pitcher allows for lots of iced tea for everyone.

    Exterior Features

  • The On/Off Indicator light makes the user more conscious of the workings of the gadget, making sure that he or she will be informed if a batch of cool iced tea is ready to be enjoyed.
  • Once all the ingredients such as the tea bags or loose leaves and ice are in place, the user just has to press the button, and the gadget brews tea away. Available in classic white with blue accents in the button and pitcher cover, the unit looks clean and can easily be matched with any aesthetic design of the kitchen.

    Dimension Specifications

    Capacity of pitcher: 2 quarts


    Users won't have a difficult time cleaning the brewing basket because it can be detached and returned to the main chamber once it is clean. The ergonomically designed handle of the pitcher makes for easy pouring. The 2 quart capacity of the pitcher is very economical - no need to brew batch after batch of iced tea, which ultimately saves electricity. The entire brewing cycle only lasts for 10 minutes, which is quite fast considering this is iced tea from scratch. The unit automatically shuts off when done with brewing and not in use, not only saving electricity but also ensuring safety. Making iced tea is now a more convenient and relaxing experience with just setting up the ice, the tea in the brew basket and pushing the button. Messy and complicated set-ups won't be the usual thing anymore. The convenience stretches to include an additional feature: the gadget can also brew delicious iced coffee.


    Is it really a necessity to have a machine that brews iced tea? The cost of the machine and electricity it uses does not really equal to the convenience the machine gives. An iced tea maker is one of those machines that is very seasonal and is only usable when iced tea is in fashion. Once the taste of people for iced tea is gone, or if it is winter or fall, it may have to be stowed away, only to be used again the next year.


  • good lighting indicator
  • excellent auto shut-off
  • capcity ifs just right
  • makes making iced tea very convenient
  • can be cleaned easily
  • no more spilling and leakage
  • stylish overall look
  • easy to operate
  • can also brew coffee
  • dishwasher safe pitcher


  • seasonal appliance
  • clunky gadget, making it awkward to store

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