Mr Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker
Review of TFTX85

We will look at the Mr Coffee thermal coffee maker - TFTX85. We will be covering all the wonderful features that this little 8 cup beauty possesses and also a few of the downfalls to it.

This particular Mr coffee coffee maker is quite the model indeed, it's features includes the fact that this 8-cup programmable coffeemaker that can be set in advance for "wake up" coffee! A sweet deal if you are the type of person who really needs their caffeine in the morning.

I just love the fact that it has a double-wall stainless-steel thermal carafe which keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours. That alone made me drool and want to run out and buy one for myself!

The programmable-thermal Mr. Coffee coffee maker also has a brew-pause function, a handy "on/off" switch that lights up and an automatic shut-off function.

This last feature is handy if you are like me and tend to forget that the coffee pot is on and you leave the house, at least you don't have to worry about your house burning down!

It also has dual water windows, a removable filter insert which provides easy filling and cleaning, not to mention cord storage.

This unit measures 11 by 7-3/4 by 13 inches; and comes with a 1-year limited warranty too.

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Cons

The programmable-thermal Mr Coffee has gotten many good reviews and also a few negative ones too but so does everything out there on the market today, all that matters is that you get what best suits your needs.

Some consumers have complained that it is messy, and that it wears out easily. But hey, I ask you, what doesn't wear out easily in this day and age?

One consumer even mentioned that it worked great for eighteen months until it started leaking and creating a puddle on the counter.

Another customer has even stated that their Mr Coffee simply "stopped working", they did not elaborate very much on that so I couldn't really get a clear picture on what went wrong.

I have also noticed that quite a few consumers complain about the fact that the lid on the carafe has to be kept sealed tight. well, for a thermos, you would figure that you would have to do that right? But of course, I am remaining objective. We will continue onward with our little adventure!

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Pros

Coffee programmable-thermal coffee maker calling it the perfect coffee maker! Another made me laugh when she said her coffee maker doubles as an "alarm clock" as she can hear it from the kitchen across the hall to her bedroom, but in her words, "who cares as long as it makes good coffee!" Got to love a sense of humor, right?

But if you ask me, she has a point, even with a few flaws, you can always find the upside to owning a programmable-thermal Mr Coffee coffee maker.

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Specs


height - 13 inches

lenth - 11 inches

depth - 7 3/4 inches

weight 9 lbs

8 cup programmable

delay brew - wake up to coffee

stainless steel thermal

brew pause

removal filters

auto shut off for safety

on / off indicator

cord storage

stain resistant warming plate

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