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Mr. Coffee TFX23 Programmable 12 cup Coffee maker

For a basic coffee maker that produces great coffee, has excellent features, and comes with an inexpensive price tag, this 12-cup programmable black coffeemaker from Mr. Coffee (TFX23) is a worthy purchase.

A few of its features include the Pause 'n Serve function, 2-hour auto shut off, stain-resistant warming plate, and 24-hour timer for delayed brewing. It?s also easy to view the indicator lights, allowing you to see whether the coffee maker is turned off or if it is already turned on.

Key features

- Coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of fresh coffee.
- Removable filter makes cleanup as easy as pie.
- On and off indicator lights allow you to check if the machine is already turned on.
- 2-hour automatic shut off keeps coffee warmer for a couple of hours.
- Dual water windows allow you to check the water level for accuracy when filling and less spills.
- Pause 'n Serve feature lets you have a freshly brewed cup while brewing is still in progress.
- The warming plate has stain-resistant features so you can easily clean up as you go.
- Cord storage keeps your coffee maker looking sleek and well-organized.


There are various advantages to this coffee maker, and chief among them is its elegant styling. This coffee maker model comes in stylish black and will surely be a standout in any kitchen. Consumers appreciate the easy-to-use functions of this machine, such as the Pause 'n Serve and 2-hour automatic shut off.

The coffee maker produces excellent-tasting coffee moreover, so you are assured of a freshly brewed cup each and every time. The advance brewing function lets you preset the time you want the coffee maker to start brewing, whether it?s early in the morning or late in the evening. As long as you are careful when handling the pot moreover, you don?t have to worry about coffee spills or drips.


This coffee maker has a few cons, however, and this mainly centers on its water reservoir design. As the water reservoir comes with holes in the back, you may have to deal with leaks if you pour too much water in before brewing time.

Also, the carafe has some design problems. Many consumers have had problems when pouring coffee from the carafe without spills. Although the auto-shut off feature and Pause 'n Serve functions are all helpful, the on and off buttons often pose a problem, They get stuck or frozen at times. Some consumers have had problems with the clock timer as well.

- produces up to 12 cups of fresh coffee
- 24-hour timer allows for preset brewing time
- 2-hour auto shut off is both safe and convenient
- beautiful styling and design
- makes great-tasting coffee
- Pause 'n Serve function lets you enjoy a cup anytime
- easy to clean with the removable filter and stain-resistant warming plate

- carafe design prone to spills
- water reservoir holes prone to water leaks
- on and off switches get stuck when used frequently
- clock timer problems

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