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Mr. Coffee TFTX85 Thermal 8 Cup Coffee maker

The TFTX85 is an 8-cup coffeemaker that comes with programmable features and an elegant black finish with a stainless steel accent.

Key Features

- The automatic switch off feature turns the machine off for you if you forget to do it yourself.
- Water level windows let you see how much water remains in the reservoir and how much you need to put in.
- The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for a longer period of time because of its double wall and stainless steel covering.
- The on/off switch with indicator light tells you if the machine is on or not.
- The Pause n? Serve feature lets you get a quick cup of coffee even before the cycle is done.
- The cord storage feature stores excess electrical wire to prevent cluttering up the counter top.
- The 8-cup capacity makes it perfect for a small home or apartment. It is also just the right size for entertaining a small number of visitors.
- Removable water filter is easy to remove and the machine is easy to clean.


The TFTX85 is easy to use and is just the right size for entertaining. Its stylish black finish and stainless steel accents will help it blend it with the rest of your kitchen.

You can set the timer to brew on the desired time so that you can wake up to the energizing aroma of coffee in the morning and with the cheap price, this unit is inexpensive enough to replace.

Coffee comes out tasting great even after several months of use and without changes in the flavor, which often happens with other brands.


Due its small size, this is not the best option for those looking for a coffee maker for large batches. The thermal carafe is often not enough to keep the coffee warm if you want piping hot coffee.

There are two holes close to the water fill line that is designed to prevent overfilling that causes spills and leaks when the machine is overfilled. The brewing system also causes the coffee filter to tip over, which results to messy coffee grounds all over the inside of the coffee maker and even into the reservoir.

This also leads to leaks all over the kitchen counter. When the pot is overheated, it also overheats the handle which makes handling the carafe impossible.

- Easy to store, light and great for entertaining small groups of visitors
- Stylish black and stainless steel finish
- Set the timer to brew early in the morning so you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee
- Unit is very inexpensive
- Produces great tasting coffee with no changes in flavor after several months of use

- Not the best option for those looking for a coffeemaker for large numbers of visitors
- Thermal carafe is not enough to keep the coffee piping hot
- The two tiny holes designed to prevent overfilling overflows with water when overfilled and this leaks down the sides to the countertop, creating messy spills

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