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Mr Coffee TFS12-099, 12 Cup Auto Off Coffee Maker

After owning this coffeemaker for about 2 months, I have realized my purchase was well worth it. The MR COFFEE® TFS12-099 was very affordable and has proven itself to be efficient and reliable. This model is your basic coffee maker and does not have all of the bells and whistles that some coffee makers have now but it makes coffee just as efficiently as any other. When I bought the coffeemakers I wasn’t expecting it to have a built-in radio and alarm I just wanted a cost- effective coffee maker. I would have to say that the best features this coffee maker has to offer is its innovative design and easy clean up. The design is very creative and the coffee maker has a water window to see how much water is left in the chamber and a compartment to store the electrical cord when not in use. Some features that make cleanup easy is the removable filter holder and a non stick warming plate that keeps coffee warm before it is served. Some things I wish could be different on the coffeemaker is the time it takes to brew coffee and the material the coffee maker is made out of. It doesn’t seem too durable if I were to drop it or accidentally damage it. Maybe a stronger plastic or some metal reinforcement could make this product more durable. Other than that I have no complaints about my MR COFFEE® TFS12-099 and don’t plan on buying a replacement anytime soon. I hope this was helpful - Mike

Rating 4 out of 5

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