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Mr. Coffee TF13

The TF13 is a 12-cup coffeemaker that comes with a Brew Pause n’ Serve function and an illuminated on and off switch.

Key Features

- Convenient Brew Pause n’ Serve function lets you get a quick cup of coffee even if the machine is not done with the brewing yet.
- The illuminated on and off switch tells you if the machine is on or not -- very useful when checking on your machine during the night.
- Stain-resistant warming plate easily avoids stains and keeps the pot of coffee warm for an hour or two.
- The cord storage function lets you store the cord neatly to keep the kitchen counter top neat and tidy.
- Glass carafe comes with an ergonomic non-slip handle, water markings, and a non-drip spout.
- The removable filter is easy to clean.
- It comes in a stylish and elegant white finish.


The TF13 looks elegant in its white finish. It makes coffee fast with no burnt taste and can be tasted in the middle of the cycle with the Pause n’ Serve feature.

The ergonomic and non-slip handle makes pouring a cup of coffee easy, and the non-drip spout ensures that you don’t make any mess while pouring yourself a cup of coffee. It’s simple, easy-to-use design makes it perfect for use among the elderly.


There are holes at the back portion of the water reservoir that let water out when they go past the height of the holes, which makes a mess all over the kitchen counter.

Although the non-drip spout is present, there are times when the carafe dribbles and makes a mess all over the kitchen countertop. Water leaks tend to sprout although the source may be difficult to pinpoint.

Another disappointment is the small opening on the carafe, which makes cleaning by hand very difficult. Grounds also crop up everywhere, from the inner portion of the lid to the water reservoir.

The overcondensation which stays at the back of the coffeemaker tends to flow back into the water reservoir, bringing coffee grounds along with it.

- Elegant in white
- Glass carafe comes with an ergonomic handle that makes handling the carafe easy
- Easy to store under the kitchen cabinets
- Simple design of the controls make this the perfect gift for the elderly because they can learn to program the machine by themselves

- Holes at the back portion of the water reservoir become openings where water passes through when the reservoir is overfilled, creating water puddles all around the machine
- Carafe tends to dribble and spill despite the non-drip spout
- Carafe has a small opening at the top which makes cleaning the inside pretty tricky unless you buy special cleaning brushes
- Grounds crop up everywhere, either sticking to the inner portion of the top lid or floating in the water inside the water reservoir
- The cost could be cheaper, considering there are cheaper units that come with more features and are less prone to spills and dribbling

Comments for Mr. Coffee TF13

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Mar 07, 2012
A good cheap unit
by: slowpenguin

I wanted a cheap, simple, good drip coffee maker - this is it!
Cost - $ 16.88 + tax @ Walmart
Cycles 7 cups of water in 6 minutes
carafe does not drip when pouring
Coffee temp in carafe is 156 degrees
The coffee tastes good.

This is just what I wanted.

Apr 14, 2010
satisfied with simple
by: Joe

I have the Mr. Coffee TF13 in black which is an okay coffee maker. I bought it a few months ago at a local big chain store.

One of the the features i like but i rarely use is the pause and serve which lets you pause the coffee making process and serve your self up and cup. but since am so use to the old wait till it done coffee maker. I never use the feature. I can see how it can be helpful but am never in that much a rush.

The bowl is pretty easy to clean and as far as i can tell it doesn't break easily but then again its just glass am sure you hit it hard enough it'll crack. It also has a water reservoir which they say is for accurate filling but again i never find myself checking to see if its actually has any left.

I always assume that its needs more water or coffee aside from those feature there is nothing that would set this coffee maker from something made in the seventies besides the fact that they used a lot more plastics to make this one.

I can say the Stain resistant warming plate is nice. And it does just as it says all you need is a damp paper towel and it'll wash away. I think that would be my favor feature...the fact that it stays looking like new, even after its been used more than my running shoes.

So i could say the down side is it comes with some feature you'll probably never use if your like me. But if you need something to work and stay clean and your not into all those buttons and espresso style coffee this is the machine for you.

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