Mr Coffee Tea Maker

Hot weather seems to be the main time of year when we all love tea. Some of us drink it all year long no matter the weather outside.

In the Northern part of the United States, their tea can never be tainted with sugar of any kind while those in the southern states of America can never add enough sugar to theirs. It is also a very inexpensive product to make and tastes so good.

The hardest part of making the tea is the boiling process on the stovetop. The tea needs to seep and there is never a set recipe for getting the brew to come out the same each time.


With the Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker, you will be able to get the same great tasting beverage time after time and never have to stay near the stove to do it.

Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker is close to the design of a traditional coffee pot but without the glass carafe. This has been replaced by a pitcher as it should be for a great pot of tea.

To make tea using the Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker, all one needs to do is add the desired amount of tea bags to the basket for brewing.

The instructions say there is no need for an additional filter in with the bags; some of the reviews of customers who own this machine say they prefer it to be added.

A one touch adjustment on the machine will allow the tea drinker to decide how strong they would like it to brew. Once the pitcher becomes full, the unit turns itself off to prevent problems or forgetful users who rush off and tend to leave their units on.

Many have no problem with the Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker and everything runs smoothly and produces a fresh pot of iced tea.


A few have said their pitchers are breaking with extended use. There is no way you can expect something like this to last forever and the breakage only occurred after a long period of time in use.

There is a replacement model available for purchase from the Mr. Coffee Corporation. Remembering to wash the pitcher by hand and not in the dishwasher will prevent damage to occur as it is not made for dishwashers.

This Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker seems to be a pleasant item for the tea drinking individual. There are very few bad things being said about this machine.

It might drip occasionally or have a problem with brewing loose tea over a bag tea but one thing is certain, for months and months, this Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Make keeps bringing out a great pot of tea.

The price of the unit will depend on the place of purchase. Many of the larger stores do carry the Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker. They also sell the smaller 2 Quart version of the same machine.

Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker Specs


auto shut off

makes iced tea or coffee

easy to pour pitcher

on / off indicator light

ready in ten minutes

light indicator when tea is ready

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