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Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine

by Katye
(New Port Richey, FL, USA)


Mr Coffee Steam
Espresso Machine

We received our Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine as a gift this past Christmas. We're not exactly sure why- my husband doesn't drink any coffee products at all, and I'm usually a black coffee person myself. So we thought maybe we got this as a re-gift, and I'd be lying if I said the thought of re-gifting this machine again didn't occur to me.

I decided to try it out and see if I could be an espresso fan. This particular machine also makes lattes and cappuccinos, and is extremely easy to clean after using it. One of the other, smaller and seemingly insignificant features that I love is the cord storage. I can't stand dealing with the cords on my counter top appliances. I am not an expert at making espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos, but I found this machine really easy to use, and the end results being pretty tasty.

I don't use it daily (I'll keep my black coffee routine), but I use it when having guests over, or on a particularly chilly day. Everyone has enjoyed the coffee drinks that have come from this machine- even some of the snobbiest of coffee drinkers in our circle of friends. We have noticed, however, that you do have to add a great deal of water to the machine when using it (more than the instructions recommend), in order to keep it from burning up. It is also pretty useless when it comes to steaming milk. The milk never gets hot enough, and steam actually escapes out of the top of the machine.

This is definitely not the fanciest or most sophisticated espresso machine, but it's certainly a quality machine considering it is under $50. For someone looking for a true coffee house style espresso at home, however, I'd recommend paying a bit more for a better brand of machine.

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Aug 20, 2015
Sarmad Ali Ayyaz NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 09, 2009
A Very Good Unit
by: Mike V

This is my 4th machine.

I have had a beautiful La Pavoni and an ordinary Krups or something espresso machine as well.

This Mr Coffee machine, at under $50-ish, has to be the best machine available, in terms of utility alone. It has a certain 60's chic to its simply designed metal facia, I think.

The reason it is so good is this: You have total control over the steam via its 3-position valve. the Valve has this three position setting: 1: "ON" and steam goes through the grinds, 2: "OFF", and steam stays in reservoir 3: "ON" and steam goes through the steamer-nozzle.

CAUTION: after just having stopped flow of steam through the grinds and the grinds cup, it will still be under pressure, and there is no way to relieve the pressure except by waiting for it to escape throught the grinds. (In other words, don't crack the seal on your grounds cup while it is under pressure!)

Having total control over the steam is important. The inefficient (but beautiful) La Pavoni design is such that it too gives you total control over the steam, but the Mr Coffee unit does it with less expensive moulded plastic bits and fewer parts overall. If you have control over the steam, you have less risk of burning your grounds as you pass steam through them. In case you didn't know, your grounds can get 'burnt' if you pass too much steam through them.

Many conventional espresso machines require that you pass all of their water through from their resrevoirs past the grounds. This invariably burns your grounds and makes it taste like doo doo.

If you are searching for a cheap temporary replacement machine (like I was), a permanent home unit, or one for work, GET THIS ONE, GET USED TO IT, AND YOU WILL MAKE GREAT DRINKS ON THE CHEAP!!!! :-) Five Stars!

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