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Mr. Coffee SKX23

Mr. Coffee's SKX23, a 12-cup programmable coffee maker, is designed with sleek black lines made to go well with any modern kitchen. It comes with the outstanding feature of Pause 'n Serve, allowing users to pour themselves a cup of coffee even when the machine is still brewing.

The 2-hour shut off time makes sure that coffee is still hot after some time. A delay brew function can also be set off up to 24 hours in advance.

Key features

- Mr. Coffee's SKX23 unobtrusive design can easily blend well with other appliances, with its sleek black exterior.
- The Pause 'n Serve function comes in handy for those who like to drink their cup of coffee immediately without waiting for the whole batch to brew.
- The removable filter makes for an easy cleanup.
- A light indicator informs the user when the device is on or not working anymore.
- A dual water window indicates the amount of water, whether or not it needs a refill.
- It is water filtration adaptable for an even better-tasting coffee.
- The 2-hour auto shut off time automatically shuts off the device after keeping the coffee hot for two hours.
- The 24-hour delay brew time function is available for setting the brew.
- Cord storage allows the user to hide cord when not in use.


Users have commented on the quiet operation of this coffee maker model, making early morning coffee readily available. With its 12-cup capacity, this model is ideal for for multi-coffee drinking households. The Pause 'n Serve function lets users have an an instant cup of coffee while the machine is continuously brewing in the background. They say that the model is easy to use because of its programmable features such as the delay brew function.

The model is water filtration system adaptable, which means the user has the option of removing up to 97 percent of the chlorine in the water for fresh tasting-coffee. For some consumers, one of its best features is the 2-hour auto shut off function, which ensures that the coffee stays hot for two hours and automatically shuts down to save energy.

This coffee maker model by Mr. Coffee is also said to be very durable, especially with a sturdy carafe. It works well despite consistent use. The design is also unobtrusive, with its cord storage to hide the messy lines and its removable filter basket for easy cleanup. Some components are also dishwasher-friendly.


This coffee maker model lacks some neat features found in other brands and programmable coffee makers within the same price range such as the audible signals. Some consumers find the design to be too plain and simple, not as attractive as other coffee makers in the market with impressive LCD displays and timers

- Pause 'n Serve function for instant cups of coffee
- delay brew function up to 24 hours
- removable filter for easy cleanups
- 2-hour auto shut off for saving on energy
- light indicator to alert users
- dual water window for monitor liquid level
- water filtration adaptable to remove chlorine
- cord storage to hide messy lines
- has sturdy carafe

- not as attractive as other coffeemaker design
- doesn't have audible signals
- lacks other neat features

Comments for Mr. Coffee SKX23

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Nov 20, 2011
don't bother!
by: Anonymous

After purchasing a few months ago...it stopped working all together! At first I was already disappointed because I would keep getting coffee grounds in my coffee, it would be hardly luke warm and when you would remove the coffee pot it would drip onto the bottom warmer! Terrible machine!

Nov 13, 2011
Model skx23
by: Anonymous

This model sucks, pushes coffee grounds into the coffee, and now after only having it for a couple of months, the clock is malfunctioning so bad you have to unplug it to reset!!! HORRIBLE!!!

Nov 14, 2010
by: Sheryl

I have been satisified in the past with Mr. Coffee. I recently purchased this model and am totally dissatisfied. The pot is filled with coffee grounds due to the lever pushing the coffee filter down. Also, after only a few weeks the coffee is luke warm.

Jul 19, 2010
Piece of crap
by: Sharon

I have had this Mr Coffee pot for 2 weeks, when you fill it with water it goes all over the counter, I am now using a Black and Decker at least I do get a cup of coffee with it.

Apr 14, 2010
luke warm coffee
by: Judy Bowser

I have always had a Mr Coffee Coffee Maker. I purchased a new Mr Coffee Maker and was not happy with it. I got luke warm coffee. Returned it thinking I got a bad coffee maker. the New Coffee Maker made luke warm coffee. Now I need to shop for a new one

Apr 13, 2010
easy, reliable, great coffee
by: Barbara

We bought this coffee maker about 1 year ago from Wal-Mart. We were looking for a reliable machine for under $30. We had previously had a Black & Decker coffee maker that gave us a lot of problems. We decided to go with the brand that our parents had relied on for decades, Mr. Coffee. We have not been disappointed.

We bought this particular model because we wanted a programmable machine. This one has been great in terms of the programming. It is easy to set, the clock is easy to read, and it has never missed making our coffee when we have set it.

This has been a very reliable coffee maker. We have had no problems at all with it: no breakdowns, no overflows, etc.

We also like this machine because it is quieter than the last coffee maker we had. I never thought a loud coffee maker would affect my life, but missing out on those last few minutes of sleep in the morning because the coffee make brews loudly or beeps loudly can be really frustrating!

My favorite feature is the automatic “off” feature. If you leave it on and walk away, it remains on for 2 hours, and then automatically shuts off.

This is a 12-cup coffee maker that uses standard filters. It is easy to fill, easy to clean, and doesn’t get dirty on the inside. The carafe is sturdy. We put it through the dishwasher every day (top rack) and it has held up like a champ. The maker does not take up a lot of room on the counter, and we can store the part of the power cord that is not being used so that it is not sitting out on the counter.

We use filtered water in it, so the coffee always tastes great.

Feb 13, 2010
Mr. Coffee SKX23
by: San Diego

This coffeemaker is great. After my old Mr. Coffee finally died after ten years I realized that good coffeemakers are hard to come by. I purchased a Black & Decker and the "No Drip" decanter dripped everywhere, so I "upgraded" to a Krups. The Krups leaked water out of the water basin, so I went back to Mr. Coffee again. No problems. After doing my homework I chose the SKX23 primarily because it does not beep. Several people in my house wake up at different times so I didn't want the 5 "audible signal" beeps that come standard on many Mr. Coffees. This 12-cup coffeemaker has dual water level windows and a generously sized water basin. It has a swing-arm spout that you have to move in order to remove the basket however, when you close the lid, it closes the swing-arm back to its necessary location. The inside of the lid does collect condensation but the lid design drips it back into the water basin. Another plus is the clock is lighted. It has pause 'n serve, a brew timer, and auto shut-off. It brews quietly and is filter adaptable. Its not too big and has cord storage. Overall, I believe that this is a great all-around coffemaker for the money.

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