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Mr. Coffee SK12 Switch 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The White SK12 model is capable of brewing up to 12 cups of coffee. Dimensions at around 12.3? by 9.3? by 13.8 and weighing 5.1, the model is encased in a white and modern exterior.

Sleek and elegant, it provides a wonderful accessory for the contemporary kitchen. It comes with a variety of useful features including a pause and serve function. A removable filter is included for easy clean up and a cord storage to avoid tangled lines. Warranty for the product is up to one year.

Key features

- This model has Pause and Serve function.
- An easy-to-locate and use switch is also included.
- A lighted on and off indicator for easier identification is part of the features.
- Another useful feature is the removable filter.
- This model also includes a dual water window.
- Cord storage provides an easy way to pack up the wires.
- The water filtration system is very easy to understand and use.
- This coffee maker produces up to 12 cups of coffee.


The pause and serve function allows users to get themselves a cup of coffee while the machine continues to brew in the background. While pause function is on, the device doesn?t produce any drip offs, ensuring a clean serving of coffee each time. The switch and light also conveniently shows if the device is on or off.

Another advantage is it has a dual water window that allows users to monitor the current water level and refill when necessary. One of the best parts of this model is the cord storage to minimize the messy look created by tangled cords in the kitchen. The model is also water filtration adaptable for removal of around 97 percent chlorine in the water for the perfect coffee taste.

Another good thing is that the removable filter makes it easier for clean up. The warming plate is also stain-resistant, eliminating the need for constant clean ups. Because of these features, perfect-tasting coffee is produced fast and easy everytime you use this coffee maker.


A drawback of using this coffee maker is that leaks happen in certain instances. This is a real hassle since leaks can lead to stubborn brown stains on the kitchen counter and sink. Another disadvantage is that this machine has no timer, making it impossible for users to pre-program the machine.

- Has a stain-resistant warming plate which makes for easier cleaning
- The removable filter, which basically adds to the ?easy cleanup? plus factor
- The dual water window which makes it easier to view current water capacity
- Water filtration system adaptable, allowing users to remove around 97 percent of the chlorine in the water for a better tasting cup of coffee
- Pause and serve function that's great for people who are impatient with their coffee cup
- Cord storage for those who like to keep their kitchen free of runaway cords after use of the device
- Brews 12 cups of coffee, fast and easy
- Decorative style fitting for the contemporary kitchen
- Perfect for a coffee drinking household
- Each cup of coffee produced is perfect without the weak taste
- Made of durable materials

- Leaks can occur
- Some models produce a burned plastic taste

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Jun 09, 2012
which machine doesn't leak?
by: big daddy

I am on my forth purchase of a mr coffee 12 cup machine in the last four months and every one LEAKS? the pause and serve doesn't work and/or even when you pour a cup of finished coffee it runs out the back of the carafe' whats up with this????????????
1-800 number for someone I can call?????????????

Dec 19, 2010
low temperature
by: Anonymous

107.6 degrees f'-----not hot enough. is there an easy fix or is there a diode ,transister, resistor that could be added [ soldered in ]??

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