Mr Coffee Single serve SL13 Coffee Maker

In the words of many, “less is more”. The same thing could be said for the Mr. Coffee single serve Home Café coffee maker.

Those who have bought this machine have many varied ideas about what it can accomplish and also the drawbacks to owning this machine.

We will be looking at both the pros and cons of this particular machine to help give anyone considering the purchase of this machine the right information to come to an informed decision.

Many times, the views of others who use the product are much better than what the company will show you in their advertising. Many of the particulars about the products will not be found unless a review is read.

The Pros Of The Mr. Coffee Single Serve

This particular machine uses what is known as a “coffee pod”. You also have the option of using single grounds for tea and coffee also.

The pods are an easy way to make a single cup of coffee for those with a hectic schedule. You can just drop in the pod without having to measure and fill.

Consumers who have purchased this coffee maker think that for the price paid, you get a good product. It has a price that is lower than of those other machines of a comparable nature.

It is also energy efficient because it takes the water and heats it only when the unit is in the on position and not constantly like others.

The Mr. Coffee single serve Home Café coffee maker offers the coffee drinker the option of brewing only one cup at a time or two cups if they need more.

When using the pod for coffee brewing, you have the choice of adding more than one pod for a stronger cup of coffee.

The Cons of The Mr. Coffee Single Serve

As with any product, you will not be able to please every consumer. This is especially true when talking of the dedicated coffee drinker.

The Mr. Coffee single serve Home Café coffee maker has shown that coffee made using the coffee pod comes out a little weak for their personal tastes.

It has been compared to drinking tinted water and not a fresh cup of hot coffee. This problem seems to be corrected when coffee grounds are added instead of the pods.

The pods, themselves, are also a little bit pricey. Other than this, the machine seems to be worth the asking price.

The Choice Is By Taste

When all is said and done, it appears to be a good coffee maker for those looking for a quick cup of coffee.

It might take the user a few tries before the right amount of coffee is found to meet the taste of the coffee drinker.

For the more avid coffee drinker, a larger machine with more brewing power might be a better choice. For those who would like a simple cup of coffee every now and then, this Mr.

Coffee single serve Home Café coffee maker is a perfect addition to your kitchen or office. Try it and see if it works for you and if not, it might make a great gift for a friend as a few consumers have done.

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Specs


brews one or two cups at a time

weight 5 lbs

height - 9 inches

length - 7 inches

depth - 5 inches

adjustable brew height

on / off light button

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