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Mr. Coffee NL4

by EJ


Mr. Coffee® 4-cup
Coffee Maker

I’ve had my Mr. Coffee coffeemaker for about four years. Well, I must confess that I don’t drink coffee, but I do make it for my boyfriend. I got this one for him because it’s really small and fit in his apartment.

The coffeemaker is really easy to use (even a non-coffee drinker can figure it out) and clean up is simple. He’s been pretty happy with the results so far! I can get about 1.5 cups of coffee if I fill up the decanter to the full line (the maker says it will make four cups; maybe we have big cups?). I can use any type of filter (even a paper towel in a pinch) and then just toss it out when I’m done. Afterwards, I throw the pot and the filter basket into the dishwasher.

I do wish this coffeemaker had an automatic on/off switch or a timer. But, since we make coffee maybe once a week, we make do with this. I have forgotten to turn it off once in awhile, so it’s best to be in the same room when you’re making a pot of coffee so nothing bad happens.

We’ve used all types of coffee in this maker – flavored and even espresso. I’m really not sure how much to put into the basket, so I typically fill it about ¾ of the way full. I guess the coffee I make is good enough!

Probably pretty strong! I honestly don’t have any complaints about this coffeemaker. If you drink coffee every day, I think a bigger model with more bells and whistles would be better.

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