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Mr. Coffee MRX36 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker - MRX36 is a stylish drip coffeemaker that comes in a fun, retro red color and stainless steel accents. Top features include a silicone decanter mat, a cup warming rack, and an adjustable warming plate.

Key features

- Slip on silicone decanter rack makes for easy serving.
- The cup rack keeps cups of coffee warm for you.
- Audible signal tells you when the machine is done with brewing.
- The On/Off indicator light tells you if the machine is off or on.
- The programmable feature lets you set the machine to start brewing in the morning before you wake up.
- Brushed metal accents add to the overall stylish look of the machine.
- Brew Strength selector allows you to choose between normal and regular brewing strengths.
- Water filter removes 97% of chlorine to make sure that you get smooth-tasting coffee.
- Cord storage makes it easy to store the machine and keep the counter top clutter-free.


The coffee maker is easy to manipulate and it comes with a number of useful features. The stylish design with the retro red color is perfect for stylish and modern kitchens.

The warming plate keeps the pot of coffee hot while the cup rack keeps your cup warm. You can also adjust the hot plate according to how hot you want your coffee to be kept at. Audible signal lets you know if the coffee is done brewing or not.

The on and off feature lets you know if you have turned the unit off. The safety shut-off feature is perfect for those who keep on forgetting to turn the machine off. When it comes to maintenance, the carafe is easy to clean, as well as the permanent filter.


One of the main complaints with this machine is that replacement parts are not easy to locate and the coffee does not come out as hot as desired. Those who like to add milk or cream to the coffee should preheat the milk or the cream before adding to the coffee to avoid lowering the temperature even more.

The clock and the display are too bright with no dimming switch to adjust the light. The 11-button controls may take a little while to get used to.

- Stylish retro design in red
- Adjustable hot plate keeps your pot of coffee warm according to how warm you want it to be
- Permanent filter is easy to clean
- Warming plate is adjustable to keep the pot as hot as you want it to be
- Audible alarm system lets you know if the coffee is ready or not

- Replacement parts are hard to locate
- Coffee tends to come up less hot than desired
- The clock display is too bright and there is no adjustment switch for dimming the light
- The 11-button controls may be a little bit confusing for those who have to deal with plenty of knobs and switches on their coffee makers

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