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Mr. Coffee MRX35 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup, Programmable - MRX35 is a stylish machine that is a good fusion of form and function. Top features include Brewing Pause n? Serve, adjustable programming, and 2 or 4-hour automatic shut off. It can serve up to 8 cups per batch.

Key features

- The Brewing Pause n? Serve feature makes drinking a good cup of coffee possible even if the brewing cycle is only halfway done.
- Removable filter basket can be lifted out for easy cleaning.
- Delay Brew feature lets you set the time you want the machine to power on and start brewing.
- There?s a 2-hour or a 4-hour shut off feature that keeps coffee warm for 2 or 4 hours and then shuts off automatically.
- The On/Off indicator tells you if the machine is on or off.
- Stain-resistant warming plate keeps the pot of coffee warm after it has stopped brewing and is easy to clean.
- The water level markings will let you know how much water is needed to put in.
- Top cup rack keeps your cup of coffee warm.
- Water filtration filters 97% of chlorine for great tasting coffee.
- Cord storage feature lets you store excess electrical cord to keep the countertop neat.


The machine comes with a stylish design and makes a great and smooth cup of coffee when paired with quality beans and filtered water. You can choose between regular and strong brewing strengths, both of which produce equally smooth cups of coffee.

The decanter lid and the permanent filter are dishwasher safe, saving you the time for washing and cleaning. The cleaning alert lets you know when the machine needs to be cleaned. There?s also a removable silicone decanter mat that makes serving easy. The Pause n? Serve feature is reliable.


One of the main complaints when it comes to this model is that it doesn?t produce a cup of coffee that is as hot as desired. Those who like to add milk or cream to their coffee may want to preheat their milk to avoid lowering the temperature some more.

Another complaint is that the carafe tends to snag against the brew basket when in the process of removing the carafe from the machine. The outer housing also tends to separate from the basket tray and should have been reinforced with a plastic or steel band. Also, there is no opening at the top where the steam can pass through.

- Stylish design with brushed metal bands that line the top and the bottom
- Regular and strong brewing strengths both produce smooth-tasting coffee
- Decanter lid and filter are dishwasher safe
- Reliable Pause n? Serve feature
- Cleaning alert is useful in letting you know when it?s time for regular cleaning

- Coffee does not come out as hot as desired
- Carafe snags against the brew basket when taking the carafe out of the machine
- Outer housing tends to separate from the basket tray
- No opening on the top of the machine for the steam to pass through

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