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Mr Coffee, Model #VB13

The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup, Switch, Black – VB13 comes in a contemporary black styling which fits any kind of kitchen décor. Top features include an on/off switch and a removable filter basket which lifts up easily for cleaning.

Key Features

- The on/off feature comes with an indicator light that tells you if the machine is turned on or off.
- The removable filter is easy to lift up and clean.
- The Cord Storage feature is handy for keeping the rest of the kitchen counter top free of clutter.
- The water indicator window lets you know if there's enough water in the reservoir and how much water you need to add.
- The Brewing Pause n' Serve feature lets you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee even if the machine is still in the middle of the brewing cycle. The cycle is paused automatically when you remove the carafe from the machine to avoid spills.
- The warming plate is easy to clean.
- Stylish black color and sleek design is perfect for a stylish and modern kitchen.


This machine comes with a simple design with none of the confusing bells and whistles that usually come with more expensive units. This coffee maker is also very cheap, and is very easy to clean. When it comes to handling the coffee, pouring a cup is easy with little spills or messes.

The on and off switch is a favorite of users for its simplicity. The black finish is perfect for those who don't want the hassle of cleaning up coffee stains from the body of the coffee maker from time to time.


Some users think that this model is very disposable and tends to break down easily, and the fragile heating element is negatively affected by the hard mineral content in the water. The coffee does not come out as hot as desired and tends to cool down quickly.

The coffee maker also tends to overheat when plugged in for prolonged periods of time, which also reduces the life of the machine considerably. In areas where hard water is the norm, regular cleaning with vinegar is a must to prevent clogs in the coffeemaker.

Coffee quality leaves much to be desired. The coffee tends to develop a foul tasting smell the longer you use the machine.

- Very simple design that makes this unit easy to use
- Very cheap
- Handling the coffee with no spills is very easy
- Makes good coffee fast

- The unit is composed of very cheap parts that tend to break down easily
- The heating element breaks down due to the mineral content in the water
- Overheats when plugged in, which reduces the life of the unit and makes it prone to malfunctions
- The coffeemaker produces poor coffee quality. Coffee assumes a foul odor the longer the coffeemaker is used
- Unit is fairly large and may take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter top

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Apr 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

No matter which brand of coffee filters I use they always go down and I get coffee grounds. What is the solution? Is there a gold one to fit? Need help before I toss the coffee maker out.

Apr 14, 2010
overall good
by: Gail Bergman

The Mr Coffee model # VB13 by Sunbeam is an attractive, reliable appliance that looks attractive with the other appliances on my kitchen counter. The smooth lines are what attracted me to the coffee maker.It is black, modern and very slick looking.

I like the simplicity of the model since I do not need to fuss with it for set-up in the morning. I prefer not to have my appliances so complex that I have to continually refer to the instructions when using them.

The water level markers are very clear and easy to read, even from a distance. When pouring in the water you are never confused over the water amount. The top opens easily and water is rarely spilled when adding it to the container.

The aroma emulates out so the entire kitchen smells wonderful with the aroma of the coffee. I enjoy using a freshly ground bean which adds to the pleasure. The is a simple on/off switch and that is all I need. I prefer no timers or other complications in my life. Early morning coffee is a simple pleasure that should not have to be complicated.

The issues that seem problematic to me are two fold. On occasion a brownish liquid dribbles or leaks out of the bottom of the coffee maker and leaves a brown residue on the cream colored counter. It is slightly thick and comes from the bottom of the appliance.

This can be annoying from a clean-up perspective as well as a stain perspective. I usually have to check for this substance twice weekly. The most annoying problem is that the coffee is not all that hot when done. I like it very hot and enjoy it for about 5 minutes.

It must then go into the microwave for reheating. I have had the coffee maker for at least five years and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. That pleases me and I will continue to enjoy it even with the 2 noted issues.

Jan 03, 2010
VB13 Power Switch Failure
by: Roger

I agree with the previous reviewers comments. On mine the on-off power switch failed at the one year mark so now it does not work at all. I'm waiting on a response from Mr Coffee to see what they are going to do about it.

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