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Mr. Coffee Model NLX5

by Kimberly Cannick
(Atlanta, GA, USA)


Mr. Coffee NLX5 4-Cup
Programmable Coffee Maker

I have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. I bought it form WalMart two years ago. I still own it, and I think it's one of the best appliance purchase I have made. I like this particular coffee maker because it is small and convenient.

My husband and I drink coffee sometimes, but not everyday. I drink more than he does, so we didn't need a ten cup coffee maker. I know many of you love to wake up to the smell of fresh brewing! I love this coffee maker because it is an automatic setting. I don't have to wake up at 7 a.m. to make coffee, it's already brewing when I roll out of bed. It is very reliable, except for the clock.

The clock runs a little fast sometimes, and your coffee may start brewing earlier than expected. Not to worry though, the warmer stays on for 2 hours. I guess the only problem I have is the filter. I find that it is pretty hard to wash between the spaces. It is removable, but still hard to wash.

I wouldn't recommend brewing tea in it because it will taste like coffee. The rest is pretty easy to wash though. I can't compare it to any other because this is the only one I have owned. One last thing, I have a themed kitchen, every appliance is black, so this coffee maker fit right in!

It's so cute, and I didn't break my pockets because I didn't choose the traditional white coffee maker. Hurry up and buy it, and enjoy!

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May 16, 2015
Drew NEW
by: Anonymous

Drew, to me, it sounds as if you are pretty dumb and cannot grasp the concept of the correct size filters, nor do you seem to be able to stumble into the kitchen in the morning and be pleased that the coffee is already made and ready for you. I bet you have other difficulties in life, as well. I found this to be the second best coffee maker that I have purchased in my entire life, thank you very much. Bruce

Apr 18, 2009
Hard to buy the proper sized filters!
by: Drew

I picked out and purchased this particular coffee maker for two reasons: first, because of the Mr. Coffee brand name, and also because of its small four-cup size for single uses. I've been reliably using this coffee maker on a daily basis for over five years now.

For just one person living alone, it's the perfect size for a couple of cups of coffee in the morning without using up much counter space. I've had larger coffee makers in the past, and always hated having the pull the thing out from its usual spot under the counter in order to pour the water into the reservoir. With this smaller unit, it doesn't need to move.

Further, I feel like I am saving energy using a smaller pot with a smaller burner. It comes with standard features including a clock and programmable brew timer which are simple to use.

So, what's wrong with it? I have noticed a couple of quirks over the years. First, it's hard to buy the proper sized filters! Man, I hate accidentally buying slightly larger filters (which appear to be the right size in the store) and having to trim them down each night as I fill the unit! Secondly, the button to change the hour is literally a single button directly in the front on the base. I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally bumped this button which, incidentally, changes the time ahead an hour.

When this happens, I wake up to no coffee brewed. That's very frustrating. Finally, I recently found out that Mr. Coffee is a Sunbeam brand. I have owned a Sunbeam iron and a Sunbeam mixer which were pure junk.

Since finding this out, I am patiently waiting for this unit to malfunction. This, of course, is speculative.

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