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Mr. Coffee Maker ISX46 12 cup programmable

The Mr. Coffee ISX46 is a 12-cup coffee maker that comes in a stylish black design with red accents. It is known for its great-tasting brew. Features include Pause 'n Serve and automatic programming that allows you to set the time you want to machine to start brewing.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature lets you get a cup of coffee even in the middle of the brewing process.
- The delay brew feature allows you to set the timer so that you can have a cup of piping hot coffee the moment you wake up.
- You can select the strength of your coffee (weak or strong) with the brew strength selector.
- You can keep the countertop neat with the cord storage feature.
- The on/off audible ready signal informs you when the coffee is ready.
- Dual water windows allow you to accurately read the water level so you know how much water is needed for refill.
- The bright display allows you to see the time even in very dark rooms. The display is bright enough to serve as a nightlight if you are keeping the machine in your room.


There are a number of advantages to this coffee maker, from usable features to ease of use. You can choose the strength of your coffee and how hot you want it to be. The machine looks nice, fits into any kind of counter and slides easily across the counter.

It makes good-tasting coffee, and the flavor changes dramatically depending on the kind of the strength you choose. The brewing time is short and the machine keeps the coffee warm for up to an hour. The automatic shut off is a favorite of those who want to get a cup of coffee on the go.


According to some of users, this model has a very short working life. It tends to start showing problems in a matter of months. Steam and water tends to escape from the top and affects the function of the machine clock and timer.

The cleaning cycle also takes a long time, two hours at the most, and the cleaning solution can be a tad expensive. However, you can do the cleaning manually with a water and vinegar mixture. Grains of coffee also tend to escape into the coffee. The clock is the first thing that goes and is difficult to repair.

- sleek design, floats over the countertop
- produces great tasting coffee.
- can keep the coffee warm for one hour
- can program the machine to produce coffee according to the desired strength
- automatic shut off feature removes the anxiety that comes with forgetting to turn off electrical appliances when in a hurry

- very bright display uses too much power and has no adjustment features to tone down the light
- cleaning cycle takes too long and cleaning solution is very expensive
- grains of coffee tend to escape into the coffee

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Jan 01, 2015
okay NEW
by: Anonymous

My main problem is using the timer to delay and keep the coffee hot without it turning itself off. After 2 hours it will shut itself off and have to be turned on every few hours. It does take awhile to clean when using the clean button but you can clean it manually with vinegar and water and keep rinsing with reg water till vinegar smell is out. Owned it a few years and it makes coffee okay but I cant get the time to work right. Never could.

Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Worst coffee maker ever!! I was attracted by the design, but the coffee itself tasted and smelled like plastic!! Didn't even own it for 6 months before deciding to toss it. Tried cleaning multiple times but still PLASTIC PLASTIC PLASTIC!! Was so disappointed decided to switch to Cuisinart. Even the "pause" feature didn't operate properly. DON'T BUY THIS ONE!!!

Feb 15, 2011
Not Impressed
by: Anonymous

After less than 2 month's use, this unit is brewing coffee that smells and tastes like plastic. My last, less fancy model (also Mr. Coffee) started doing the same thing after about 6 months of use. Cleaning it multiple times didn't help and seemed to make it worse. I don't appreciate the super short cord, either. The unit looks great, just doesn't do much else. Will not purchase this brand again.

Sep 06, 2010
1/2 pot and quit
by: Dorothy

Have used this pot about 3 years or less it was a gift and I made coffee every day and this am it made less than 1/2 pot and it died .My husband checked it out and it is the heating coil,can't find parts for it so I guess I will have to buy another one. I loved it ,it kept the coffee hot and I loved the automatic shutoff and temperature control on the coffee, even though it died I will still rate it a 5 stars .

Jun 03, 2010
Should last longer
by: Cass

Received as a gift, a little over a year ago. today it brewed 1/2 pot then quit. I have only used this a total of maybe 30 times. I have an older unit that I have had for years and it still works. Mr. Coffee should make better products that should last longer than this unit has. Very disappointed. Esp for the Mr. Coffee name.

May 22, 2010
Coffee Maker Now Toast
by: Rck

We have used this coffee maker for about 4 years and today it quit! It has worked like a champ for 1,400 brews. I would have thought it would have lasted longer than this, but for 30 bucks, you get what you pay for! We will probably buy another Mr. Coffee as they are plentiful and cheap! So it still gets 4 stars for being faithful until the end!

Apr 14, 2010
love it
by: Sharon

I bought this coffee maker a year ago when our old one got a short in the cord. I have faithfully used it daily ever since.

I love the fact that this has a programmable feature and keeps the coffee warm long after the pot is brewed.

The machine even offers a temperature control to choose how warm you want your pot of coffee kept after brewing.

I especially love the automatic shutoff feature as mornings are always a madhouse and I invariably would have to return home to make sure I had turned my old coffee maker off. With this coffee maker, I don't have the constant worry of "Did I turn it off?".

The self cleaning feature is also great but I do wish you could manually clean inside it. As it is, you have to depend on the machine itself to do the work and have no option to look inside to see if there's anything that was missed in the cleaning cycle.

Another thing in this particular model's favor (at least in my book) is the stylish black and red design. No, it doesn't match my kitchen, but it does offer a pleasing shock of color to an otherwise drab (and old) kitchen.

I would not trade this coffee maker for any other. I love it and would replace it with another exactly like it, should anything ever happen to this one.

Nov 03, 2009
How to clean the 1SX46
by: BILL

To Connie Anonymous. You asked how to clean the ISX46 Mister Coffee. It's simple. Mix 3 cups of white vinegar with 9 cups of water. Pour this in the water fill chamber. Then push the button on the coffee maker that reads CLEAN. It takes about 1/2 hour our so to slowly move the water through the machine. When it is finished,through the water out and brew 2 pots of plain water. That's all. Just so you know, the vinegar will smell during the clean cycle. If you don't want to use vinegar,you can go on line and buy Mister Coffee cleaner. It's a powder you mix with water and brew the same way. Hope I helped. BILL

Oct 31, 2009
how to clean coffee maker
by: ConnieAnonymous

how do you clean the Mr. Coffee Maker ISX46 12 cup programmable coffee maker as I have no instructions for mine. Got it for a gift and would like to now how to clean it.

Jul 25, 2009
Smart looking machine
by: Bill Evangelista

I own this coffee maker. It makes a great cup of coffee.It has all of the features you could possibly want. I am very satisfied. BILL

Oct 31, 2008
nice features - select brew strength
by: Anonymous

I've been extremely happy with this coffee maker since it was purchased over a year ago. It can brew up to twelve cups of coffee and is programmable to turn on at a set time. Once the coffee is brewed, it will turn the water off after two hours. It also will allow you to choose your brew strength (regular or strong).

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