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Mr. Coffee ISX43 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee ISX43 (12-cup programmable coffee maker) comes in a stylish black design with silver brushed chrome accents, either perfect for a stylish kitchen. It comes with handy features like the Pause 'n Serve and the delay brew function, making a good cup of coffee on the go very easy.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature allows you to get a good cup of coffee even while the coffee is still brewing. This is perfect for those who are always in a hurry in the morning.
- The brew strength selector allows you to choose the strength of your coffee according to your taste.
- You can set the coffee to brew 24 hours in advance so you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee every day.
- You can also select the strength with which you want the machine to brew the coffee.
- Cord storage keeps the countertop neat and tidy if the machine is not in use.
- Brushed chrome accents are perfect for stainless steel kitchens.
- The warming plate comes with temperature adjustment so that you do not end up with burnt coffee.
- The audible alarm light lets you know if the brewing is done so you won?t have to check up on your coffee from time to time.


In Mr. Coffee ISX43, the filter basket is easy to load and clean. The brew strength selector allows you to customize the taste and strength of your coffee, with regular and strong as the two common choices. For mornings, when you cannot wait for your first cup, there?s the Pause 'n Serve feature that allows you to get a cup even if the machine is in the middle of brewing. The machine also lets you know how long the coffee has been brewing so that you don?t end up drinking stale coffee. With the audible alarms, you know whether the coffee maker is done brewing coffee or not.


One of the main disadvantages is that it tends to overflow. Coffee grounds tend to stray onto the coffee, and the moisture and steam will eventually cause the clock and timer to stop working. The machine also stops working after several uses. The short life span is one of the most common complaints when it comes to this coffee maker.

- stylish design with chrome accents makes it perfect for a stylish kitchen
- filter basket is easy to manipulate
- Pause 'n Serve feature lets you have a cup of coffee without waiting for the whole pot to brew
- audible alarms are perfect for those who want to know the moment the brewing is done
- carafe is kept hot with the warming plate (with adjustable features that let you determine how warm you want the coffee to be)
- brew strength selector allows you to customize coffee taste

- pot tends to overflow with water and steam
- coffee grounds often found in the coffee due to poor filtration
- short working life (Most units only work with no problems for about 8 months and problems start to appear from there.)

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Sep 05, 2015
Horrible plastic taste NEW
by: Anonymous

We were looking forward to a great tasting cup of coffee - but it never happened! The first time we ran the water cleansing before brewing coffee, as directed, we noticed a strong plastic smell. We assumed it would go away. After 10 days of brewing coffee, and tasting "plastic" we returned it to the store. We ran vinegar/water through the system (per directions) and it did not help. It was a toxic tasting coffee.
I would not recommend this model to anyone.

Nov 13, 2012
Possibly the worst-designed coffee maker I've ever seen
by: Anonymous

This machine makes a mess. Water condenses on the lid over the reservoir and spills all over the counter when it is opened. The utterly-pointless filter over the coffee basket becomes covered with grounds and gets them all over your fingers. The carafe lid spills condensed water and coffee all over when it is poured. The overall electronic design is cheap - a non-illuminated clock and exposed LED's without lenses to keep liquid out (uncovered LED's were futuristic in the 70's but never attractive), and the two-hour automatic shutoff is annoying. I would never buy another one.

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