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Mr. Coffee ISTX85 10 cup coffeemaker

I purchased this coffee maker a few months ago at my local KMart store. The primary reason I chose this model was the stainless steel carafe. I can't even count how many glass carafes I have broken and had to replace. I also like the fact that it came with a reusable filter. This machine is very sleek and modern in design.

It looks great on my countertop! Unfortunately, that is about as far as the positive comments go. The lid on the carafe is very hard to open with your thumb and doesn't open quite far enough. You have to practically turn the pot upside down to empty the last half of the contents from the carafe. I also was very surprised at how quickly the coffee cooled while in the carafe.

I expected the stainless steel container to keep the coffee hotter longer than a glass carafe, but the opposite is true. I find myself reheating my coffee in the microwave when I refill my cup. The other thing that I don't like about this model is the clock and timer.

Again, the round, green glowing display gives it a very modern look, but it is not a digital display. The analog clock is hard to read and hard to set. I'm definitely in the market for a new coffee maker. I think this time I'll focus on fuctionality and maybe buy some flowers to set on my kitchen counter instead!

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Jun 04, 2010
Great coffe maker
by: Anonymous

We've had ours of the same exact kind which lasted for 5 years. It finally decided to retire. The only problem is, it stained pretty bad. Water is pretty notorious for this. Coffee brewed really well with a very satisfying taste. I like the stainless steel carafe, because it is very sturdy, not like the glass make. It is so prone to accidental breakage...and coffee stains does not readily come off...and when scrubbed, the glass turns dull. The price is reasonable and for 5 years of life I think it is worth a buy.

Mar 04, 2010
musty tasting and smelling coffee

I have always been very pleased with all Mr. Coffee products purchased in the past. I have had this coffee maker around 6 months now. In the last 3 months or so the coffee would taste and smell musty sometimes worst that others. I clean the maker a couple of times a month with vinegar and water. It seemed to help a little right after cleaning, but in not time the horrible taste and sometimes smell would be there again. So I decided today to go back to the glass carafe model. I decided I would put a little bleach and hot water in the stainless steel carafe to remove the slight stains in preparation for a yard sale at a later date. I laid the top of the carafe for 5 minutes or so on carafe. When I poured the bleach water out of the carafe, I noticed all of this brown chunks of junk in the water. I had already cleaned the maker with vinegar with the lid on. After a thorough examination of the lid. I held down the button and ran hot water in the slot underneath the lid, turned it upside down with the button held in on lid and started shaking it in the sink. I have never seen such nasty stuff coming out of a lid in my life. There is no way to clean up inside that lid between the top and bottom. This could not be very healthy. I am sure it is probably moldy water and junk inside that lid and that is where that musty terrible taste is coming from. My daughter has model# FTTXSS91 with the same lid design and she is having the same terrible taste problem. I told her what I had found and she ran hot water in her lid with the button pushed down, shook it a little and turned it upside down holding the lid button down brown nasty chunks of stuff came out of hers also. Take it from us do not waste your money on this product. There is definitely a flawed lid design. I will be contacting Mr. Coffee tomorrow. I will be interested to hear what they have to say. I am sure it is something that I have not done properly.

Jan 06, 2009
Fundamental flaws in this machine
by: Holly

The Mr. Coffee ISTX85 coffee maker provides many features and a sleek black and stainless steel look. The coffee maker allow you to brew coffee immediately or set a time for when you want the coffee to brew, which is a great feature for those getting ready for work in the morning.

All you have to do is set the time you want the coffee to brew, make sure there is water and coffee grinds in the machine and be ready to pour in the morning when it is ready.

The digital interface provides a bright green light which is helpful at night to find your way around the kitchen.

Unfortunately this coffee maker, despite the features listed above and attractive appearance, has a few fundamental flaws that make it a difficult product to continue using. The largest flaw with this coffee maker is the hole that you pour water into.

The hole where water flows into is very narrow, requiring a precise pour of water. If you are using the delay feature and preparing your coffee at a time of day when you are more awake, this would likely not result in any spillage of water.

However, for those who prepare their cup of coffee in the morning before work the risk is higher for spillage when you are not fully awake. In addition to a cleaning mess, this could easily lead to safety hazards as spilled water might get close to electrical outlets.

If you like your coffee hot enough to stay at least somewhat warm for the ride to work, this might not be the coffee maker for you. The coffee comes out hot when you first make it but I find that it is cold within 5 minutes of my drive to work. My previous coffee maker, a Sunbeam, kept the coffee hot for at least 10-15 minutes. Overall, I would not recommend this coffee maker and I will be in the market for a new one myself shortly.

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