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Mr. Coffee ISS12 Switch 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee ISS12 is a 12-cup coffee maker that comes in stylish white and silver. This coffee grinder and coffee maker combo is perfect for any stylish kitchen.

Key features

- The machine produces 12 cups of coffee per batch.
- It comes with adjustable brewing strength, from regular to mild.
- The Pause 'n Serve feature allows you to take a cup of coffee even in the middle of the brewing process.
- The delay Brew feature allows you to set the timer as long as 24 hours before you want to have a good cup of coffee.
- The 2-hour automatic shut off is perfect for those who keep on forgetting to turn the machine off.
- The special cleaning cycle makes regular maintenance of the machine a breeze.


For something that is affordable, ISS12 makes great coffee. It comes with basic and useful features and no bells and whistles, which makes operating the machine very easy. There is a thick plastic rim on the top of the carafe that prevents accidental breaks and the brightly-lit screen is bright enough to illuminate the area around the machine. This coffee maker is very easy to use.


The unit is oversized, difficult to store in small kitchen cabinets or countertops. Brewing is also slow and the carafe is hard to clean. The filter holder is very flimsy and tends to break down often, some say.

The carafe also has a very small opening that cleaning the inside is very difficult to do. The coffee tends to spill while you pull the carafe if the machine is in the middle of the brewing process. The water filter sits atop the grind basket and there is often no place else to put it other than the countertop when pouring water in.

The entire top lid has to be lifted up when putting the coffee in since it is about 9? long and becomes a problem for narrower countertops that have kitchen shelving above. Another common problem is that the carafe has a thick plastic rim on top, which makes pouring a little bit messy. The electrical cord is very short. Added with the large size of the machine, finding a good spot on the countertop, where there is enough space that is near a power outlet, could be hard to do.

- simple features (no bells and whistles that make operating the machine more confusing)
- plastic rim on the carafe prevents accidental breaks
- timer and clock display is bright enough to illuminate the area around the coffee maker
- makes great-tasting coffee
- easy to use

- unit may be too large for small countertops
- putting in water and coffee is not very convenient (you have to lift the entire top lid to do so)
- cleaning the inside the carafe is difficult to do with the opening not large enough for an adult human hand to fit inside
- short electrical cord limits the areas where you can place the machine.

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