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Mr Coffee IS Series

by Jason
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

After many long years of faithful service, our previous coffee maker met its demise. Alas, we were sad to see it go, but after picking up our new one, it did make the sting of losing such a faithful friend a little easier to deal with.

This was my first foray into the newer coffee makers, and I must say I do like the new features. The IS series from Mr Coffee is a very good brewer for the price. We opted to get the permanent wire mesh filter rather than deal with messy paper filters, and it was a very good choice. The coffeemaker comes with a water filter, as well, so I can use regular tap water in it, and still have great tasting coffee.

The faux-analog clock on the front is a neat design, and gives a nice connection to the old Mr Coffees and their twist-knob analog timer. Whether you are a casual coffee person, or, like me, consider it an essential part of your morning ritual, This thing will not disappoint. You can set it to brew either at normal or strong, which is nice to have, since not every type of coffee will taste right on just one setting.

A fresh brew timer is also a great feature. At a glance you can see how long the current pot of coffee has been sitting there for, and it will keep your pot just as hot as you want for up to two hours, before automatically shutting off. The adjustable heat setting for the warmer is very nice as well.

It has a built in cleaning mode, which makes it very simple to keep your coffee tasting fresh and delicious every time. All in all, there really isn't anything that I have found that is undesirable about this very common fixture in most kitchens. Pros : Great coffee, easy to use, easy to clean. Cons: the coffee ready alarm, when switched on, is pretty loud and grating.... in fact, in a small apartment, I could see it doubling as your alarm clock.

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