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Mr Coffee IDS76 Electric 12-Cup Coffee Grinder

The IDS76 is a stylish coffee grinder that offers a good mix of efficiency and style. This electric coffee grinder comes with a dishwasher-safe grinding chamber, which means hassle-free cleanups and maintenance. Done in cherry red, this will be a colorful addition to any kitchen.

Interior Features
  • The IDS76 sports an electric coffee grinder and a grinding chamber that are easy to clean. Aside from the 4- to 12-cup capacity, the grinder can be easily programmed to suit your taste and preferred coarseness.
  • The exclusive Chamber Maid cleaning system scrapes the coffee grounds from the walls so that you can reuse the coffee grinder right away.
  • The removable chamber can be directly placed in the dishwasher for no-hassle cleaning.
  • The automatic shut off feature is useful for those who do not want to stay beside the grinder waiting for it to finish.

    Exterior Features

  • Avoid messy spills with the wide opening and the contoured spout. The top comes off, which makes pouring stuff in so much easier.
  • User-friendly LED controls allow you to set the programs with ease whether you want the fine, medium, or coarse settings. Press the Grind Button on for a few seconds and you can have a well-ground cup of coffee!
  • There's a guide on the side of the coffee grinder for how many cups you can make and how coarse you need your beans to be. A long cord is snugly placed under the bottom of the grinder and can be taken out if you need more electrical cord.
  • The red color adds a splash of color to any kitchen counter.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product dimensions: 4 x 3.5 x 7.8 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 12 cups


    It is very easy to clean if you are planning for another brew right away. The dishwasher-safe chamber makes clean-up easier as well. The unit is also handy for grinding other items aside from coffee beans, such as flax and nuts, to a fine powder. The wide-opening and a top that easily comes off ensure mess-free refills. Dispensing is also made easy. The LED controls and dials ensure quick and easy coffee grinding operation. It is very easy to program, thanks to the guides and indicators on the side. The auto shut off feature makes it a very convenient option for most people. You don't have to check from time to time and worry about not achieving the preferred texture or coarseness of the coffee grounds.


    The most common complaint is that the grinder does not completely grind the coffee beans so that you have to shake the container to get all the coffee beans within reach of the blades. The grinder is also very loud, for something that is not a professional grinder. The cord is not that easy to wrap around the base of the coffee grinder, even though there is a slot for that purpose. The lid gets in the way if you are trying to dump excess coffee beans since it does not detach, so it just flops awkwardly if you are turning the unit upside down.


  • easy to program settings
  • comes in a fun color and sleek design
  • grinds according to your desired texture
  • dispenses easily
  • easy to clean
  • has auto shut off feature


  • noisy
  • top lid gets in the way when dumping coffee beans
  • does not completely grind coffee beans

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