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Mr. Coffee FTXSS43GTF Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee FTXSS43GTF (12-cup programmable coffee maker in stainless steel) is a coffee maker with a modern and sleek design that comes with such useful features as the built-in water filtration and the removable filter basket for convenient cleaning.

Key features

- The removable filter basket allows you to lift up the basket for easy cleaning.
- The audible ready signal tells you when the coffee is ready so you won’t have to check on your coffee from time to time.
- There’s the two-hour auto shut off feature that keeps the coffee warm for two hours and automatically turns the coffee maker off.
- You can keep your countertop neat when not using the coffee maker by using the cord storage function.
- The display is bright enough to illuminate the other controls in the unit.
- The Pause 'n Serve feature lets you have a cup even in the middle of brewing.
- You can set coffee brewing up to 24 hours in advance with the delay brew option.
- Cleaning is hassle-free with the special cleaning cycle.
- Brew strength selector allows you to brew coffee according to preferred taste.
- Water filtration removes chlorine from water.
- The Fresh Brew Timer tells you when brewed coffee has been ready.
- It includes a gold tone filter.
- Filling water in the reservoir is easy with dual water windows that show the water level.


The permanent built-in filter is easy to take out and can be rinsed in a matter of seconds. You can also use replacement filters, which are inexpensive. You can have a cup of coffee even if the coffee is in the middle of a brewing cycle without having to worry about spills.

Just slide the carafe out, pour yourself a cup, and slide it back in. Another advantage is that it comes with an audible alarm that lets you get to your coffee the minute it stops brewing.


The display is very bright, one of many complaints on this unit. There is no on or off switch for the display or even an adjustment button. Steam escapes from the top when brewing, and coffee tends to leak out from the bottom after a few cycles of brewing.

Some also say that the clock tends to become a little late after it is turned off. An internal power for the clock display will solve this problem even if the machine is not connected to a power source. After using the brewer for a while, the capacity decreases from 12 cups to only 8. Some features also failt to work properly over time.

- easy to clean permanent built-in filter
- audible signal allows you to do something else while waiting for the coffee to brew (instead of checking on your coffee from time to time)
- sleek and stylish design (perfect for small countertops and stylish kitchens)
- cord storage keeps countertop clutter-free
- keeps the coffee warm after it stops brewing and prevents burning the coffee

- very bright display may be using too much power than necessary
- no built-in power source to keep the machine clock accurate
- some parts that tend to break down early, such as the Pause n’ Serve feature, the water pump, and the heater
- steam can escape and pop the lid open
- capacity for brewing tends to slow down after a couple of cycles, from 12 cups to about 8 or 6 cups.
- does not make full use of the water in the reservoir

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Dec 05, 2014
I won't make this mistake again! NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought this coffee maker and in less than a month it stopped working. I took it back to Target and exchanged for the same one. Now we have had it less than 30 days and when I went to make the coffee I noticed smoke was coming out when I was pouring the water into the reservoir. I have unplugged the coffee maker and will be returning again, but this time I will get a refund. Also, the lid does not close tight and when pouring water from the coffee pot into the reservoir it does not all pour out, there is always some water left in the coffee pot. I have always had good luck with Mr. Coffee products, but this one is one they should remove from the store shelves.

Sep 27, 2014
Coffee not hot; leaks, quit just 2 weeks out of warranty NEW
by: C_N_MO

This coffeemaker has never brewed the coffee hot enough--must let it set on the warmer for a half hour or so to have a hot beverage. On two occasions, the coffeemaker has leaked. Overall this is a big disappointment for a Mr. Coffee product. Today, exactly two weeks out of warranty, it does not work at all. Quality is no longer a feature of this brand. I won't be buying one again.

May 20, 2011
leaking water
by: Anonymous

My coffeemaker also had issues with leaking upon purchase, but very minor. I have now had the coffeemaker approximately eight months, and it had now began gushing water. I decided to open the bottom to see if I could find the problem. Too bad Mr. Coffee, I design tools, so I could get past your specialty screws. What I found was that the supply and return hoses were dry rot, very cheap quality, and were most probably the cause of the leaking from the very start. Considering the price I paid for the coffeemaker, you would think the quality of the parts would have been higher also.

Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 of these the first leaked after a couple months but I liked the design so much I bought another. I have had about 1 year and now this one is gushing water out the back. I won't buy Mr. Coffee again.

Jul 17, 2010
I wish I had never bought this thing
by: Heather

I had a really cheap coffee maker and as much as I love coffee, I finally decided to go out and by myself a nice one. This machine has had problems pretty much since the beginning. The coffee is never hot unless I let it sit there for about an hour. The coffee filter folds about 50% of the time and lets grounds into the pot. The pause n brew feature works about 75% of the time and about 30% of the time, the coffee misses the decanter and over flows to the hot plate. I also can never get all of the water out of the decanter into the reservoir. The decanter design keeps just a little in there, so after filling the reservoir I got over to the sink and give it a few hard upside down shakes then wipe inside with a paper towel. Today it stopped working all together. The lights and clock are on in the front but it’s not brewing and the warming plate is not hot. Also I found that when I tried to use the water filter, it always caused the paper filter to fold, so I stopped using it.

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