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Mr. Coffee FTX46 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee FTX46 (12-cup programmable coffee maker) is a red coffee maker, perfect for a modern and hip kitchen. Features such as Pause 'n Serve and delay brew options allow for convenient coffee brewing.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature allows you to get a cup of coffee in between brewing.
- The delay brew feature lets you time when you want the coffee maker to start brewing.
- Customize the strength of your coffee with this model?s brew strength selector.
- The model also comes with a two-hour auto shut off. It keeps the coffee warm for two hours and automatically turns off so you won?t have to. switch it off.
- Cleaning your coffee maker has never been easier with the special cleaning cycle.
- Audible alarm tells you when the coffee is done so you won?t have to check on it from time to time.
- There?s a Fresh Brew Timer telling you how long the coffee has been sitting.


The delay brew feature is perfect if you want a good pot of coffee waiting for you in the morning. There?s also the permanent washable filter that is very easy to clean in the sink and saves you a lot on disposable filters. The whole unit is easy to clean as well.

The sleek design is perfect for narrow spaces and for those looking for a stylish appliance to fit the rest of the kitchen. Other features like the Pause 'n Serve and the audible timer as well as the brew strength options give you full control when you want to have your coffee servings and how strong you want it to be. It also brews coffee fast and is not as noisy as the other models.


The display tends to be on the very bright side, and there?s no button for adjusting the brightness. Stem tends to escape from the top and coffee tends to seep out from the bottom in most models. You also have to use vinegar during the cleaning process, which is something that some users may not like doing on a regular basis.

Those who live in areas with hard water have to do diligent cleaning of the coffee maker to avoid early problems in performance. After a few months, the coffee making capacity of the unit tends to diminish, from 12 cups to 8 or 6. Some units also tend to develop a loud gurgling noise after several uses. Another common complaint is that the filtration system does a very poor job.

- stylish design
- very easy to clean
- durable filter
- useful features

- display is very bright
- water and steam tends to escape from the top
- coffee tends to seep out from the bottom
- tends to heat water until it converts everything to steam
- decreases in capacity the longer you use it, from the standard 12 cups per batch to 8 or 6

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Aug 22, 2010
Bad maker
by: Anonymous

Brew amount significantly reduces after repeated use.

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