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Mr. Coffee FTX45 12-cup programmable coffee maker

The Mr. Coffee FTX45 is a black, stainless steel programmable coffee maker known for its convenient features such as the Brewing Pause 'n Serve that gives you great coffee even on the go.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature allows you to get a cup of fresh coffee when the coffee maker is still in the middle of brewing.
- The coffee maker comes with a removable filter basket that is convenient to clean.
- The coffee maker also comes with the two-hour shut-off feature so that you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the coffee maker off.
- The water filtration feature is very efficient at removing up to 97% of the chlorine from the water for great-tasting coffee.
- No checking to see if the coffee is done or not. The Fresh Brew Timer informs you when the coffee is done with an audible signal so you won’t have to look into the coffee maker from time to time.
- The brew strength selector allows you to set your coffee’s brewing strength according to your preference.
- Dual water windows make accurate reading of the water level possible.


This coffee maker comes in stylish black and stainless steel design that is perfect for any kitchen. The cord storage allows you to keep the kitchen counter neat when the coffee maker is not being used.

The Pause n’ Brew feature is one of the most favored features, especially by those who like to get a quick cup of coffee in the morning. You can make your preferred cups of coffee with the brew strength selector.


One of the main complaints is that coffee tends to get stuck and fills up the basket. It then tends to overflow out of the coffee maker and onto the counter. Some buyers have complained of the coffee maker failing to keep the coffee hot, while in some cases, the coffee maker shuts off after making a cup or two.

The coffee maker rarely makes coffee for more than 6 cups, although it is labeled as a 12-cup coffee maker. It also doesn’t always finish the brew cycle, giving you half-brewed coffee that is far from the taste you are looking for. The pump tends to break down after a few months of use, one of the main reasons most users think of poor workmanship when it comes to this model. Finally, pouring in water through the rear opening is hard because of the small water inlet.

- stylish design
- useful features
- filter is very easy to clean
- the timer informs you when brewing is done
- can make weak or strong coffee with brew strength selector

- coffee tends to get stuck and fill up the basket
- coffee tends to overflow
- the coffee maker does not keep the coffee hot for more than a few minutes
- pump breaks easily
- filter and pump replacements may not be easy to find
- bad design of the water opening and the pump

Comments for Mr. Coffee FTX45 12-cup programmable coffee maker

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Oct 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

can i have your pot our works, but my brothers butt of a friend broke it...please

Apr 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have had this coffee maker for 3 days and it has a horrible smell when plugged in like plastic burning while the coffee pot isnt even on! going to return it asap!

Mar 13, 2011
by: Jen

We have bought and returned 3 of these coffee makers in the past 6 months. They all leak!

Mar 04, 2011
Save your money.
by: Coffee Crank

The balloon heads who run this company must be "5 Hour Energy" drinkers as they never have used their own products. First off, you need a welder's bib in order to avoid 3rd degree burns while pouring a cup. Second, the amount of steam released can't be safe if you're not prepared. If I was a product liability attorney, I'd be following these things world wide. A vitual "time bomb". I don't want to have to mop, sweep, take out the garbage and do laundry every time I want a cup of coffee.

Jan 23, 2011
Shopping for a new (different) one today!!!!!
by: Lovinglife

We received Mr Coffee FTX45 12 cup programmable coffee maker for Christmas and it sucks. It is the 3rd week in January and we are fed up. We will be shopping for a new one today. It takes forever to brew. The machine makes some pretty scary sounds and the amount of steam it releases is enough so that I could get a pretty good facial. Although, it usually ends up steam cleaning the bottom of my upper cabinets and then flows down my wall.

The machine is always wet. I brewed a pot, came back four days later (went on a trip) and inside the machine was still soaked; great place for mold to grow.

The clock, is so bright it will blind you and when coffee is brewing the steam does something really weird to the clock. Scary stuff.

I am looking forward to buying something else and enjoying my coffee!

Aug 12, 2010
Piece of Junk. Do Not Buy This
by: Matt Mahoney

Our original Mr Coffee was great, served over 15 years. So when it died we naturally looked at a Mr Coffee. We purchased the FTX in black and it's been junk since day one. Returned the first one, DOA, to our place of purchase. The second one makes coffee, after a fashion.
I would like to meet the designer someday, just to see if he (or she or it) is capable of getting dressed and walking unassisted. There is nothing on this unit that is simple or works like it should.
It refuses to make a full pot of coffee. It spits water all over the counter. The clock overheats and all the digital segments illuminate.

Do Not Buy!!

Apr 25, 2010
broke after less than six months
by: Anonymous

I bought the coffee maker less than six months ago at around $50 and it will only make between 2-6 cups of coffee and then turn off. This is the last Mr Coffee product that I buy.

Apr 14, 2010
best ever!
by: Anonymous

I am the kind of person that needs to drink coffee every single morning. I also go through coffee makers like nobody’s business, but this one has managed to stay with me for a couple years now, though a few moves even. It is the best coffee maker I have ever had.

Usually you really don’t need all the bells and whistles on a coffee machine – something that puts hot water through the grounds and into the carafe is enough for anyone really. But the extra features really speak to most people.

The Pause feature is a great one that this model features – the ability to pour a cup before it is finished brewing. That, combined with the timer, make this a great model for those who need coffee first thing in the morning. But those are hardly unique features.

This model has several features that allow you to “fine-tune” your coffee. There is a dial that allows you to set the temperature of the warming plate – allowing you to keep your coffee hotter if you so desire, or to turn it down to avoid burning it.

It also has a water filtration system – and the filters are pretty easy to come by. I didn’t think I would notice at first, but your coffee definitely tastes a bit better using these disks. In addition, there is a brew strength selector – great for people who like their coffee a little stronger.

There is also an auto-shut off feature, which is common, but the machine also notifies you when a pot is finished brewing and when it is shutting itself off.

These are all features that the higher-end models have, but this model gets some of the basics right. I used a similar Cuisinart model (at double the price), and it seemed more concerned with form over function. The area where you poured the water into was tiny – making spilling inevitable.

The carafe was also shaped poorly, making simply pouring a cup without getting coffee all over the place impossible. The Mr Coffee model put all the features in, but also had functionality in mind.

Best coffee maker I have ever had. I highly recommend it.

Mar 19, 2010
how to use clean cycle
by: Anonymous

I lost my instruction manual and can't figure out how to use the clean cycle the red light is on

Mar 25, 2009
Very durable
by: Stacy C.

After years of trying a different coffee makers, we finally found one that is a real gem! We settled on a Mr. Coffee, model FTX45. The glass carafe holds 12 cups maximum and the lid flips open easily with gentle pressure from your thumb. We have ceramic sinks and have accidentally bumped the carafe on the edge of the sink but it has never cracked or broken.

Very durable! The back section on top of the maker flips open easily and has a generously sized area to pour in the water. There are small grates that dispurse the water evenly, keeping it from spilling out over the top. After that, the entire top section lifts up for easy access to the grounds holder. The inner cup lifts out for easy cleaning.

This maker uses the traditional paper filters, which fit neatly inside of the inner cup. On the front of the maker is a large, round analog dial clock which glows green when the maker is plugged in. The timer function is easily set with hour and minute buttons, which also set the clock's time. When the maker is in brewing mode, a green light comes on. When the timer is set, an orange light appears.

The self-cleaning function is also a wonderful addition, is easy to use, and is indicated by a bright red light when in the self-cleaning mode. When your coffee is finished brewing, a series of short beeps alerts you. Also, there is a two hour automatic shut-off function which comes in handy on busy weekday mornings. This model also has the pause feature which allows even the most impatient coffee lover to pour a steaming cup while in the middle of the brew cycle.

We purchased this coffee maker at Target for less than $50, and have had it for almost four years. The best thing about this coffee maker is that it is easy to use and easy to clean. The great reputation of the Mr. Coffee company is once again demonstrated in another fine product.

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