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Mr. Coffee FTX44 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee FTX44 is a stainless steel 12-cup programmable coffee maker that comes in classic white and a couple of features that make brewing a cup of coffee so much easier.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature allows you to get a good cup of coffee even if the coffee is still brewing.
- It brews up to 12 cups, which is perfect for a small group of coffee drinkers at home or in the office.
- Cup warming surface keeps the cup of coffee warm if you?re not ready to have your coffee yet.
- The auto shut off feature allows you to rest easy even if you forget to switch the coffee maker off.
- To make sure that you get your coffee the moment it is brewed, the coffee maker comes with a timer that lets you know when your coffee is ready with the audible signal.
- The brew strength selector lets you determine how strong you want your coffee to be.
- The built-in water filter is easy to clean and removes up to 97% of chlorine for better-tasting coffee.
- Cord storage lets you hide the electrical cord when the coffee maker is not in use.
- The stylish white color is sophisticated and will go with any of the appliances and kitchen decor you may have.
- Dual water windows allow you get an accurate reading of the water level.


One of the main advantages to this coffeemaker is the built-in water filter that is very effective at removing a large portion of the chlorine in the water. The coffee maker also makes brewing coffee on the go very convenient.

You can get a good cup even if the coffee maker is in the middle of brewing, and you can head out the door without turning the coffee maker off and just let the auto shut off feature do the rest for you.


One of the main disadvantages is that this coffee maker only comes in white and in silver. White tends to get dirty pretty quickly, especially since the coffee tends to drip from the top.

Having one in black will hide coffee stains easier, which is perfect for those who do not have time to give their coffee makers a wipe from time to time. The plastic construction is also a little bit flimsy and does not give the durable feel that one gets with coffee makers made of stainless steel reinforcements or trimmings.

- easy to clean water filter effectively removes chlorine for better-tasting coffee
- makes great-tasting coffee
- very easy to get coffee on the go with the Pause n? Brew feature
- auto shut off feature takes care of turning the coffee maker off for you
- easy to operate and clean

- only comes in white or silver and not in black, which is easier to keep clean
- coffee stains tend to be more visible on the white finish
- plastic construction is pretty flimsy, not like the durable feel in other coffee makers that come reinforced with stainless steel

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