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Mr. Coffee FTX40 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee's FTX40, 12-cup programmable coffee maker model, comes with a variety of features that makes it an excellent addition to the modern kitchen. Completely programmable, this coffee maker makes delicious coffee fast and easy.

Key features

- Mr. Coffee's FTX40 comes in white color with brushed chrome accents to complement any kitchen type or counter space.
- The programmable coffee maker can brew up to 12 cups of coffee.
- The delay brew function can be set up to 24 hours in advance if you want to wake up to warm coffee aroma.
- The Pause 'n Serve function provides a cup of coffee before the brewing even finishes.
- Those who like their coffee weak or strong has the option with the brew strength selector.
- Audible ready signal allows users to know exactly when the cup of coffee is ready to be served.
- Water filtration adaptable, the model allows users to remove the chlorine taste from water.
- The removable filter basket makes it easier to clean up the device.
- The 2-hour auto shut off ensures that the device will turn off when not in use.
- Dual water windows make it easier to monitor the current water level in case of refill.
- The special cleaning cycle is added for an easier interior cleanup.
- The Fresh Brew Timer allows users to know how long their coffee has been ready.
- Cord storage keeps away messy line tangles from the kitchen counter.


Consumers have confirmed that the special cleaning cycle helps make the interior free from dirt and debris, which can affect the quality of coffee. You can easily lift the filter basket when it's time to give it a rinse. These features make cleaning the device hassle-free for most people.

The 2-hour auto shut off time eliminates the need to constantly check the model?s status and will tell you if you need a refill. Generally, this coffee maker makes good-tasting coffee. The brew strength selector lets you brew fresh pot according to your taste, whether strong or weak.

Consumers also like the idea that they can grab their cups of hot coffee with the Pause 'n Serve option even when brewing is not yet done.
What makes great-tasting coffee possible is the water filtration adaptable feature that helps remove chlorine from water.

The delay brew feature is also a very helpful feature for those who are too busy in the morning to set their coffee maker to brew. It's easy to get a fresh cup with the audible ready signal and Fresh Brew Timer to tell you exactly when coffee is ready to be served. No more messy kitchen counter with the option of storing the cord. It makes up to 12 cups of delicious coffee.


There had been reports of leaks. Some say that it is hard to pour using the carafe. Aside from overflowing, some have questioned its durability. There are users who claim that this coffee maker model, though easy to use and clean, don't last that long. Some parts are prone to breakage.

- can customize coffee taste with the brew strength selector
- water filtration helps remove chlorine taste in water
- easy to clean and use
- no need to wait for brewing to finish to get a fresh cup
- 2-hour auto shut off helps save on energy and avoid accidents
- easy to refill with the water level indicator
- cord storage to make the device easy to move and clean anywhere
- programmable features that allow for fast and easy brewing

- may leak and overflow
- hard to pour coffee from the carafe
- not as durable as other coffeemakers, according to some consumers
- some parts may easily break

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