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Mr Coffee FTX29 12 Cup Coffeemaker


Mr. Coffee FTX29
12-Cup Coffeemaker

FTX29 The coffee maker we have is a great coffee maker and has lasted us since Christmas of 2006. The great thing about this coffee maker is the automatic programming. I love that feature because when I have to wake up early to head off to work, my coffee is downstairs sitting and waiting and is hot.

The automatic programming is one of the best features but it has many more. Another great feature is the pause and serve feature. Whenever we are brewing it in the morning, when my wife and I both want a cup but I need to leave right then is when this feature comes in handy. I can press the pause and serve button and the brewing will stop.

I can then get my cup of coffee and head out while my wife’s coffee is still brewing. Another great feature is the twelve cup pot. It is perfect for parties when you have many people coming and little time to brew twenty-four cups of coffee. With the pause and serve you can brew it, and let people go at their own accord. Once it is done place another set into it and start it again.

I love this coffee maker because it is really quick with brewing. We have a red kitchen and stainless still appliances and this coffee maker fit right in with our style. The red and stainless steel colors of the coffee maker gave it a sleek look. It wasn’t very noisy and all around perfect for our kitchen. It isn’t too big so it will fit about anywhere and it’s always great to look at; your coffee maker is no longer an eyesore.

Another feature is the two hour shut off. With our old coffee maker, my wife and I would always be arguing on the way somewhere if we had turned the coffee maker off. With this coffee maker, we no longer have to worry about that. Once you turn the coffee maker on, you have two hours to get your warm coffee and then it shuts off. Another couple of features include brew strength, adjustable warming plate, and the special cleaning cycles.

The brew strength is great because I like my coffee strong so I program the coffee maker to that setting and then program it to what my wife likes. The adjustable warming plate is great. Sometimes coffee is too hot to drink. Well this problem is solved with this warming plate. Set it to the desired temperature and it will keep it at that.

The cleaning cycle is nice so you don’t have to take apart the whole coffee maker just to clean it. It does that for you. In conclusion, this coffee maker is amazing compared to other ones that we have had. I would give it a five out of five! The website wouldn't allow me to enter it. Could you please enter it for me. No name or city please. It says a fatal error occurred. Thank you

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