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Mr. Coffee FTX25 12 cup programmable coffeemaker

by Michele Zimcosky
(Akron, OH, USA)


12 Cup Mr Coffee
Auto Off

My current coffee maker is the Mr. Coffee 12 cup programmable coffeemaker with stainless steel accents. I purchased it at Kohls Department Store because it was on sale, it looked nice, and I liked it's features.

I wanted one that you could program ahead of time, and it also has an adjustable warmer plate temperature control. It washes up nicely and even has a special cleaning cycle.

The one feature I don't like about it is that it automatically shuts off after 2 hours, which is nice sometimes, but I wish there were a way to override it on occassion. At first I really liked this coffeemaker, but it brews slow and I drink a lot of coffee! Usually about 2 pots a day.

About five months after I bought it, I noticed that every time I make coffee, as I'm pouring the water in to the reservoir, it runs through the machine and leaks on to the warming plate, so I have to wipe the plate off before I can set the pot on it.

Water also now leaks all out of the bottom of the coffeemaker whenever the reservoir is full also, so my counter is covered with water every time I make a pot.

It's not coming out of the overflow hole in the back, so I have no idea why it is doing this.

The odd thing is a friend of mine bought the same coffeemaker and theirs does the exact same thing.

One other thing is that if I turn my coffeemaker off and there is still coffee in the pot, I have to make sure I unplug it.

Several times, the coffee pot has been off but for some strange reason the warmer plate stayed on and six hours later, the coffee was disintigrated and burnt all over the bottom of the pot.

It makes no sense, but I've had the coffeemaker too long to be able to return it.

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Nov 21, 2008
So far so good
by: Anonymous

We bought this coffeemaker after having a Krups that we received for a wedding gift and used for years. Honestly, we bought this one because it was relatively inexpensive (40.00 at BJS Wholesale) and our other one had broken and we needed something fast.

We've had it for about 2 years now, and thus far, it works great. It has a gold cone filter in it and we think that it works to make a great cup of coffee. The filter is starting to rip now, but it still works so we are milking it for all it's worth until we have to buy another one (which are about 13.99 as found in research)
I believe my husband has also made coffee in this pot with paper filters.

We truly only use this coffee maker in a straightforward way. We fill the water, add the coffee and push the button in the morning for brewing. We like the warming stand that keeps the coffee warm for 2 hours before it automatically shuts off. It has regular brew strength and strong too for those people who want mild or stronger coffee.

This coffee maker has a self cleaning feature too that we have not used yet.
We also like the clock that is bright neon green, able to be seen and read in the wee morning dark hours when you are just awake and possibly tired and stumbling into the kitchen to push that button for your first morning java jolt!

Some of the less important reasons we bought this coffeemaker is that for being inexpensive, it has a sleek look, and it being silver and black helps to match decor (and possibly many types of decor)in our kitchen. It's also lightweight so that when we have to clean the countertop we can easily move it.

Overall, I would buy this coffeemaker again, unless for some reason it had a major problem like leaking. I have read reviews of it in the past saying people have experienced leaking, but so far, we have not had that issue.

Oct 19, 2008
nice design
by: Anonymous

Love the design; it is aesthetically pleasing, but difficult to get the interior clean. My favorite feature is the clock and timed start. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. The only thing that I don’t like about it is I have to grind the beans the night before it does not grind and brew.

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