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Mr. Coffee FTX23 12 cup coffeemaker

by Eric
(Kingsport, TN USA)


Mr. Coffee 12-Cup
Programmable Coffeeemaker

My wife and I have been using a Mr. Coffee FTX23 for about two years now, and overall it has performed well. The features that it has include time delay brewing, a brew strength option for strong or normal, a water temperature adjustment, and a clean setting. Generally we use the strong option on the brew strength to be able to use less coffee. It holds up to twelve cups of water, which is more than enough for our needs. The clock is a digital representation of an analog clock, and it is illuminated by a green backlight. It provides a small amount of light in the kitchen which is good to help find the light switch, however we found the light was too bright when we moved the coffee maker closer to the bedroom during a remodel of the kitchen.

There are a couple of things that I can say that I do not like about the coffee maker. The first is that there is not an easy way to set the time or delay brew after a power outage or unplugging the coffee maker. There is a button for hour and another for minute.

While cycling through the hours one at a time is not a big deal, cycling through fifty or more minutes to adjust the time as well as the delay brew can be annoying. Some alarm clocks will cycle through the minutes faster when the button is held, but this one will only go forward about one second at a time when the button is held.

The other thing that bothers me about this coffee maker is that there is a metal “shower head” where the water is pushed through the top of the machine and through the filter. After a few months of use, that shower head began falling off every time the lid was opened to add water to the machine.

It is only attached to the plastic head by a very short tab and notch which has proven to be very unreliable. This does not cause any problems with brewing the coffee, but it is bothersome to hear it fall every time the lid is opened.

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Aug 13, 2015
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Aug 06, 2012
by: j

had this product for over 5 years and it's still going like a champ.

Jul 10, 2010
by: snickles

I really liked the look of this coffee maker and decided to buy it although it was one of the higher priced ones at K-Mart. At the higher price, I thought it would last longer than my prior one. I was wrong. After 6 months, it totally stopped making coffee. The light is on, and you can push the button to brew now but nothing happens. I had lost my receipt, etc. so had no proof for a warranty. I hate to spend money on something that only lasted 6 months.

Apr 18, 2009
One of my favorite wedding gifts
by: Anonymous

Before I got married I had a 4 cup coffee maker that was loud, small, and not very safe. So, when I was making my gift registry I decided that I needed a new coffee maker.

I got my Mr. Coffee coffee maker as a wedding present just over 1 year ago. I know from my gift list that this machine was purchased at Target. I found that Target had the best coffee machines for the most reasonable prices. They also have a great selection on stock.

I placed this coffee pot on my registry because it was sturdy and cute. The one I have is black and sleek.
I like the thick black handle. I had a coffee maker in the past that did not have a good handle. I burnt my hands several times. I do not burn myself on this coffee maker. It is pretty quiet too. The pot itself is sturdy as well. I do not fear breaking the glass. It was a pre sit feature which allows me to set up my coffee before I go to bed. I can make as little or as much as I like.

It has a wide opening on the pot for easy cleaning and the filters are easy to change. The filters are relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable.

I now enjoy my coffee in the morning with my husband. This is the easiest to use and clean that I have ever had. I love my coffee maker! It is one of my favorite wedding gifts.

Apr 18, 2009
Settings are quite limited
by: Anonymous

As far as "basic" coffeemakers go, this one is the best. Sure, it doesn't come with all the extra amenities of an espresso machine, but it gets the job done. I buy coffee at Starbucks, Jazzmans, and some high quality coffee shops, and this maker can do the same great job that any of those fine establishments do.

The price was astonishingly cheap, and I found it at a Walmart, but it can conveniently be found almost anywhere. 12 cups is not a small amount, and this can come in handy when you have older kids who would like some or if your husband/wife has the same idea in the morning. Also, I never saw a "cheap" coffeemaker do the job so quickly. I have used it with Folgers and many other top brands, but it never deviates from high quality coffee - and this has made me very, very happy.

The one problem is that it is not the sturdiest piece of equipment. After about 18 months, mine finally died. The great thing though is that it is so easy to replace because it is so cheap. That is simply what I did, and I have heard of many other people with the same idea. The other small setback is that it does not have a full array of features like many other modern ones do.

The settings are also quite limited. However, personally, I could care less about settings when I wake up to turn the thing on at 6:30 in the morning! If you looking for the basics, then you have found the right piece of equipment with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffeemaker.

Apr 18, 2009
My Marvelous Coffeemaker
by: Diana Foust

I absolutely love my coffeemaker. It is a 12 cup Mr. Coffee. I am not sure of the model number because it was a birthday gift.

Every year without fail I have had to purchase a new coffeemaker on my birthday. I always purchase the $10 coffeemaker supplied by Dollar General and just like clock work, exactly a year to the date, it will break down.

Well, two years ago, on my birthday, my coffeemaker broke down but, this time I did not have to purchase one. For my birthday a friend of mine bought me my 12 cup Mr. Coffee. I absolutely LOVE IT! I drink anywhere’s from 4 to 6 pots of coffee a day and this coffeemaker has been going strong for the past 2 years.

This particular model is the color black, it brews 12 cups, has a digital display with clock and also comes with an automatic brew option. It is very easy to clean, the coffee decanter slides to the left of the maker and than you can extract the decanter itself for easy cleaning. I, myself, prefer to clean my coffeemaker each and every month with a good dose of vinegar. I am not sure if this adds to the life of my coffeemaker or not because, I do it to every coffeemaker I own and well we know how that has turned out.

I am extremely satisfied with this Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. If I ever have to purchase another, it will definitely be a Mr. Coffee and if I were asked to suggest one, it would be a Mr. Coffee.

Apr 18, 2009
Not for clean freaks
by: Ashley

I didn’t read any reviews on this product before I got it, because I got it from my sister-in-law after they received several coffee makers at their wedding. I was really excited when I got it, because my old one (don’t remember what kind if was, very cheap though, from a different brand) had just stopped working properly.

I loved the design, and still do. It is very attractive. The clock is also a great plus. The auto shut-off (after two hours) is fantastic as well, as I always forget to shut the machine off or leave it on for other family members, who never shut it off.

It worked really well for about 3-4 months now. Coffee is great. It still makes good coffee, but it leaks. I didn’t change the way I was using it or move it or anything, it just started to leak coffee (not water.) I went online to read other customer reviews and saw that many people had experienced this, while others did not. As I can not afford a new one, I am sticking to mine as it does indeed make great coffee…I just use either a hand towel or paper towels by it now!

I would say that it is a good buy, if you get a good price. There is a chance it will begin to leak, but I think this is common for electronics. The same happened with a TV of ours; we had two of the same model, one worked perfect and the other malfunctioned.

Sometimes you just get a bad model, it happens! The coffee from this machine is very good and worth a try. I would not recommend it to clean freaks, on second thought!

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