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Mr Coffee FTX20 12 cup programmable

by Susan
(Kawkawlin MI )


Mr. Coffee FTX20
12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

I had not owned a Mr Coffee in quite some time. My very first coffee maker was one and I only retired it because someone saw fit to get me a different one as a gift.

So for a few years my trusty machine sat in the cupboard while I had several different brands through the years. When my last one broke, I decided to go back to the Mr Coffee machine because I was so impressed with the first one. I bought the FTX20, white, sleek and pretty.

It worked great for about a month. Their is a timer that tells you when the brewing is done. That goes off now sometime long after you have already had a couple cups of coffee. Then there is supposed to be one that goes off after two hours. That one hits and misses.

It is supposed to be a 12 cup but I am lucky to get 8. This model does have an automatic brewer on it that I can set for the certain time of the morning and that still works good. I set it for the morning and it starts brewing about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. It also has a cleaning feature that I was very interested in when I bought it but can not seem to get it to work properly.

The instructions are not clear. I am also not impressed with the buttons on it as they are almost impossible to see. I have to turn it sideways and hit the light just right in order to even make them out. All in all this was not my best purchase.

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