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Mr Coffee Eurobrew

I have a black Mr Coffee Eurobrew with a 12 cup carafe. I have always kept my coffee maker on the counter underneath the cabinets which can make it hard to fill the water reservoir so one of the things that originally drew me to this model was the removable reservoir. However I wasn't thinking to far ahead about this option.

When you think about holding a 12 cup filled water reservoir and sliding it in to the slot from the top of the machine this handy dandy little feature all of sudden you realize is not very practical. Also on the reservoir is what I guess would be called a small overflow whole so when you fill it by actually pouring water into the reservoir it tends to run out the back and down your counter. It takes a while to realize you can't fill the carafe all the way up and just pour it in the reservoir.

The actual coffee basket is also top lift and unlike other machines does not slide out the front. Again this becomes a problem if you coffee maker is kept under the cabinets. I do however enjoy the delay brew and auto shut off features since on more then one occasion I have left the pot on only to find the carafe ruined hours later.

It does have a kind of tapered carafe which is difficult to replace should you break it, since all of the replacements carafes available in the store seem to be un tapered. There are two arrows on the front of the machine that say place handle here, and this they do mean. Because of the slightly concave top you can leak coffee out the side during the brewing process.

I do have to say that the machine has been incredibly durable over the 5 years I have had it. Previously I had owned a Braun and the heating element went out within a couple of years and I probably had to replace at least 3 carafes that broke in the sink or dishwasher. Overall the design that originally drew to the machine I have not been disappointed in but not enough to throw it out and replace it with a new coffee maker but disappointed enough that I would not buy the same model twice.

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