Mr Coffee Espresso - ECM20

This machine only makes espresso. If you want a espresso machine which also makes coffee you should upgrade to the ECM21.

The name Mr. Coffee has been synonymous with the coffee brewing industry for decades. Their brands of coffee makers have found their way into the homes of millions worldwide.

They are inexpensive and uncomplicated for the average home user and that is a reason the Mr. Coffee brand is popular.

Coffee has become a very social central point of many cultures especially in countries outside of the Unite States. It has come to the point of being ritualistic in some areas of the world.

In addition, surrounding such a thing is espresso – the finely ground coffee that gives strong, concentrated coffee in small amounts.

It is incredibly popular and growing in popularity all over the United States. Mr. Coffee has answered the demand for an inexpensive and easy to use espresso maker.

The Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Maker is easy to use when compared to its more expensive cousins.

Unlike others in its price-range, the Steam Espresso Maker also includes a milk steamer which any coffee connoisseur will tell you is important when wanting to make such drinks as cappuccino, latte or café au lait.

The Steam Espresso Maker features:

  • Steam pressure brewing which allows your coffee to be brewed hot, fast and accurately without mess. It also allows greater concentration.

  • A removable drip tray, which makes for easy clean up.

  • A knob with 3-way motion to select coffee and frothing.

  • Sturdy plastic construction for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Steam Espresso Maker offers its users great alternative to the more expensive units you may find uppity coffee drinkers using.

It brews with steam to make rich, fine coffee by way of espresso. It is very simple to operate once you learn a few tricks of the unit.

The size of the unit makes it counter space friendly and the plastic construction makes it easy to clean. It is also around $30.00 making it a very inexpensive home machine.

This machine makes very good cappuccino and latte’s and with the added benefit of being able to froth milk it really makes this unit well worth having.

Will the coffee be perfect? Of course not because with every unit of this nature (meaning inexpensive) you will have problems and the opinions of the consumer to be fairly conclusive.

First off, it is not really espresso. It is more of a moka brew, which is a brewed coffee that is very close to espresso but just does not quite get there.

The selector knob is incredibly stiff making it hard to use for some users however if you use it enough the mechanism will loosen up on you. Another issue, such as the heating of the coffee has arisen. The coffee produced has been noted as being luke warm at best.

The unit is perfect for making cappuccino and latte and can best be done by beginning with a cold machine or very cold water. If you intend to steam milk, use an extra cup of water in the machine.

Do not use 1 or 4-cup selection but instead use 2 and when brewing and the unit reaches a 2-cup read out then immediately stop the machine. If the unit begins to steam instead of brew, shut down the machine or face a bitter tasting coffee.

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Specs


Makes 1-4 cups espresso 

control dial 

removable water reservoir 

cord storage 

steam pressure brewing 

easy cleaning with removable drip tray 

 3 way select nob lets you select different settings for frothing

height -14

 width - 12

depth - 9

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