Mr Coffee Espresso Maker - ECM21

The Mr. Coffee 4 Shot Espresso Machine and 8-Cup Coffeemaker Combo is the right machine to get for everyday use and also if you have frequent guests visiting.

It is not only boasts a great name but also saves space by combining two machines into one.

The machine has a cone filter basket that is easily removed as is the water reservoir to make it easy to fill.

The individual setting can make coffee to please many different tastes. It also has the capability of creating steamy or frothy milk for the perfect latte or cappuccino.

The on/off switch is lit to make sure you know for certain whether or not the pot is off. For safety, there is a preinstalled valve and an added function allowing it to stop in the middle of brewing a fresh pot to pour a cup.

The carafe is made to be safely washed in the dishwasher without breaking.

The compact size measures 10x12x11 inches and comes with a one year warranty (limited.) It is great for the coffee drinker with not much counter space.

Mr Coffee Espresso Maker - ECM21 Pros

Customer satisfaction on this product rates very high. There are only a few customers who had trouble with the Mr. Coffee 4-Shot Espresso Machine and 8-Cup Coffeemaker Combo.

Those that approved of the machine boasted of the durability and lasting power. Some have had this machine for over two years before having to purchase another one.

This was with everyday use. Most customers were pleased with the results of the coffee brewed in this machine.

There was no doubt that five a five star rating was the choice of many of the individuals who purchased this machine.

ECM21 Espresso Maker Cons

Some of the dissatisfied customers had complaints in a few areas. First, the machine seemed to drip and cause the warmer plate to corrode. Another customer complained that this product did not brew the coffee fast enough or to the desired strength it should have.

It has also been said the carafe design is of poor quality and causes spills to occur. Far and few between are the individual quirks with this model machine. So few, in fact, that unless you really try, there is nothing bad about this Mr. Coffee Product.

For the retail price and durability of this product, there is no better choice. The problems associated with this type of machine do not seem to be an ongoing defect but rather random problems with one machine here or another over there but nothing that seems to be consistent.

Final Thought

Mr. Coffee seems to have found the right formula for this tow in one coffee pot and Espresso combination machine. It is a great machine to learn the basics of making those extra special cappuccino or espresso drinks form beginner to professional.

For those who love to entertain, this Mr Coffee Espresso Maker multi-tasking machine really can do two things at once. Add one of these machines to your kitchen and see how great it works for you.

Mr Coffee Espresso Maker ECM21 - Specs


Makes espresso and coffee

Brews 4 cups of espresso

Brews 8 cups of coffee

strength setting

variable steam control for accurate frothing

removable drip tray for easy cleaning

dishwasher safe carafe

height -10

width - 12

depth - 11

brewing pause and serve

pressure safety valve

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