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Mr. Coffee ECMP40 Pump Espresso Machine

by Katie Conklin
(Rolette, ND)

$Mr. Coffee ECMP40 Pod Pump
Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

I bought a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine from Walmart in November of 2008 and I still use it every day to make espressos. I like this espresso maker because I can easily make lattes and cappuccinos at home with store bought coffee instead of having to pay $3 or more at the local café or Starbucks.

The machine is pretty simple to use, it has separate chambers for water, milk, and coffee grounds. The water chamber holds about 7 cups of water, but you have to remember to reload the milk every time you want to make a cup or the milk will start to taste strangely. Once you load all of your chambers and turn on the machine, two lights will come on, one solid and the other blinking.

Sometimes the lights will both start blinking or will suddenly turn off, but I’ve found that a good solution is just to unplug the machine and restart it until the red light stays completely solid during the entire process. It only takes about five to seven minutes for the machine to heat up the water. When both lights are solid, you can push the button marked “coffee” and release as much coffee as you prefer into your cup. This coffee maker is quite loud when it is making the coffee but not as loud when you froth the milk. When you are ready for milk, move your cup to the side with the milk and push the “steam” button and release the preferred amount of milk froth into your cup.

This machine is a bit difficult to clean because it does not have removable chambers that you can stick in the dishwasher. I prefer this kind of espresso maker compared to a pump espresso maker because it is just as effective and takes less time to make.

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Oct 14, 2015
Dhoini NEW
by: Anonymous

I just love this amazing & classic product, check out the brief review of Mr. Coffee ECMP40 Pump Espresso Machine and share your own thinking about it. Just type an essay in Google Search bar and get useful results.

Nov 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

Uhh... you're not supposed to keep the milk in the coffee machine. You're supposed to steam it from a cup, thats what the steamer nozzle is for, milk shouldnt be coming OUT of that. Water should.

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