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Mr. Coffee - ECM250

by Shawn M.
(Portland Oregon, USA)


Mr. Coffee ECM250
Steam Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

I purchased my Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso / Cappuccino maker model ECM250 about a month ago from Wal-Mart. It was the cheapest model they had, but I didn't have much of a budget to work with. I had a West Bend dual espresso/drip machine previously, but after about 6 months, the pump quit working on the espresso side... and I spent much more on that machine than I did on my Mr. Coffee.

I make about 5 cappuccinos a day, between my wife and I, and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the Mr. Coffee "got up to steam" compared to the other machine, and how much easier the basket locked into place. The tip on the steam wand is hard plastic and comes off easy enough for cleaning, but clicks into place so you don't have to worry about fishing for it in your cream. (At least, I haven't gone fishing yet.)

This really has some POWER... I can froth two cups of cream, then switch it back to brew, and it will just keep brewing until the reservoir is empty. With my other machine, it barely pumped at all, even on a good day.

This machine also has a MUCH better pour spout, that doesn't dribble half your shot onto the counter when you go to pour it in your cup. The last 3 or so espresso machines I have owned spilled everywhere!

The only complaint I really have is, the steam wand is a little short to fit my favorite cup, but I think that is a personal problem.
For the price, I don't think you'll find a better "starter" machine. Avoid the West Bend dual machine though. I should have listened to the reviews I had read before buying it, lol.

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Apr 20, 2009
Don't buy one expecting it to last
by: Tom Stowe

To start off, I've been drinking espresso for years and while my wife doesn't share my passion for this type of coffee, she does drink coffees and will share a cup of espresso with me at home or when we're out and desire a "pick me up".

Upon moving in to our new apartment with nearly nothing in the way of appliances and the like, we decided we'd check out Wal-mart and see if they had anything that we wanted.

We both like coffee in the morning and sometimes it can be a pain to make a fresh cup of espresso and especially cappucino, so we drink regular coffee.

Both of us, over the years have had good experiences with Mr. Coffee brand products and when we'd first moved in together we'd had a Mr. Coffee coffee pot and two Mr. Coffee iced tea makers.

We purchased the Mr. Coffee coffee pot and espresso/cappucino maker combination to get the most for our dollar as we were on a tight budget and wanted both, having broken our espresso pot in the move and desiring a new coffee maker. It's a rugged little machine but I don't think it will last for more than a year in our household and we'll be looking into the purchase of a new machine, probably one that provides to our coffee and espresso needs like this one but likely made of stainless steel.

This coffee maker is mostly plastic and at 70 dollars, when compared to other espresso makers and combination coffee makers, it's not too extraordinary a leap in understanding to know why we would call this coffee maker cheaply made.

Personally, I think any espresso maker should have a more than flimsy looking pressure chamber and that the cappucino making steam tube should also be mounted more firmly. While it makes a decent cup of coffee it feels like I have to work to get a great cup of espresso out of it and though I favor cappucinos every once in awhile, I don't even attempt to use the cappucino steamer on this machine.

Overall it's a machine I would give a rating of 6 out of 10 to... it's useful and is okay to buy for temporary purposes, but don't buy one expecting it to last and also be appreciated for years if you're a coffee lover.

Feb 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

I love my espresso machine. It is easy, fast, and fun to use. Only real problem with it is that it can often be loud when brewing coffee, and even louder when steaming milk. However, I have gotten used to the noise, and have recommended this machine to all my friends who love the occasional espresso drink as much as me. It is so much cheaper than having to go to a coffee shop and spend anywhere between $3 and $5 for a drink!

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