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Mr. Coffee ECM250 Steam Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Black 4-cup with Control Dial and Removable Drip Tray

Black 4-cup with Control Dial and Removable Drip Tray

Mr. Coffee's ECM250 gives you up to four cups of perfectly brewed espresso or cappuccino. You can enjoy your hot drink with frothed milk using the variable steam control feature of the machine. Make sure you brew a proportionately perfect cup with the measuring scoop and tool that comes with the coffee machine.

Interior Features
  • Its contemporary stylish design is surely going to attract attention. Its compact design fits in most kitchen counters and does not entail too much space. It provides for easy storage as well.
  • The steam espresso/cappuccino maker makes up to four cups that is ideal when you are brewing for a few guests. If you are alone, the single serving option is available as well.
  • The three-way knob makes brewing and frothing easier. These two functions can be done separately. With variable steam control and frothing aid helps create flavorful concoctions with the steam milk.

    Exterior Features

  • Even if you have tons of kitchen appliances on your counter, this machine will not get in the way because of its convenient cord storage. This way the cords may be folded and stored within the bottom portion of the machine.
  • Cleaning this machine is a breeze because the drip tray is removable and may be washed separately from the machine. All the machine needs is wiping with a damp cloth and it will look brand new.
  • The machine also has an on/off indicator light that warns you if you forgot to switch off the machine after you have used it. In case the machine is not working, you can check the indicator light to see if you just forgot to turn it on.
  • The knobs and handles are accessible and easily gripped.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 12.8 inches
    Height: 14.1 inches
    Width: 10 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 4 cups


    This is a relatively cheap steam espresso/cappuccino maker that is accessible for most people. The machine functions well in creating cappuccino and espressos and works well for the price. The milk frother in this machine is a powerful device that gives you fluffy and tasty froth to be used either on your cappuccino or your espresso. Use skim milk for a healthy froth to top a heavenly brewed coffee.


    Often times, the machine begins brewing even before the water reaches the ideal temperature. This results in warm coffee instead of steaming hot coffee. The nozzle for the frothing mechanism must be cleaned immediately after using and must be cleaned often. This can be quite a hassle, especially when multiple cups of coffee must be served.


  • has a spout for easy pouring and serving
  • ideal for personal use
  • light and handy
  • relatively cheap
  • milk frother works well
  • easy to use knobs and control dials


  • only available in black
  • requires the use of distilled water
  • may not serve steaming espressos or cappuccino

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