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Mr. Coffee DWX20 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee's DWX20 (12-cup programmable coffeemaker in white) can make freshly brewed coffee for the entire household or small office. Its white sleek design makes a perfect addition to the modern kitchen or neat countertop. Not only is it convenient to use but it is also easy to clean. Fast and easy to use, this coffeemaker model can be an excellent choice for people who simply love to drink coffee several times a day.

Key features

- Mr. Coffee's DWX20 comes in sleek white color, perfect for the modern kitchen.
- The programmable coffee maker can make up to 12 cups of coffee.
- The delay brew feature can schedule brewing time up to 24 hours in advance.
- The removable filter basket makes for easy cleanups.
- Brewing Pause 'n Serve allows you to immediately get your cup of joe while the machine is brewing.
- The on and off light indicator displays device status.
- The 2-hour auto shut off time makes sure the device turns off when not in use and to save on energy.
- Dual water windows display the amount of liquid level for refill.
- It comes with a water filtration adapter for those who want the taste of chlorine out of their coffee.
- Cord storage hides messy lines on the countertop.


Mr. Coffee's DWX20 comes with a neat and simple design. Consumers say that this coffee maker model is very easy to use with its programmable features. They save more on their energy consumption with the 2-hour auto shut off feature.

This is best for people who oftentimes forget to turn off their brewer. You can pour in hot coffee from the brewer by using the Pause 'n Serve feature even when the machine is still brewing a fresh pot. What users love about this coffee maker model is the delay brew feature that allows for around 24-hour advance brewing.

The water filtration adapter lets the user get rid of up to 97 percent of the chlorine content of water. With the help of the dual water windows, it also easy to monitor the water level, if there's a need for refill in the reservoir.

Generally, consumers say that it is remarkably easy to use and maintain. It is also relatively cheaper than other coffeemaker models with same set of features. The 12-cup capacity is great for households with multiple coffee drinkers


Some consumers claim that the device fails at keeping the coffee hot. The filter basket also has a tendency to overflow.

- delay brew function
- Pause 'n Serve option
- water filtration adapter
- dual water window
- 2-hour auto shut off
- easy to clean and use
- cheaper than other coffeemakers
- can make up to 12 cups in one brewing
- makes good-tasting coffee

- coffee comes out warm rather than hot, according to some consumers
- coffee grounds block the filter and sometimes overflows with coffee grounds going everywhere

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